The joy is great! Everything is going in the right direction. Can you feel it?! Maybe you hesitate now…? Well let me just say, the light is coming in as scheduled! More and more each day. Can you feel the love? It is everywhere! And you think of all that is going on, and that will change now. For the better. More and more people will awaken. It will be hard to keep on sleeping…! Who can sleep when it is so bright and light? The positive change comes from within of you. Your dna is being healed right now. And that is what makes you wake up! Your dna has been sleeping a very long time. And you – a long with it. Soon you will find it easier to know what you want to do! The path now is lightened. Namaste!

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Everytime we make love…

Everytime we make love, we make peace.

How do I mean?
Everytime we make love
a swirl of love and peace is born.
And this swirl moves around, spreading 
love and peace. It is invisible. Yet you can feel it.
The swirl is actually a dance.
A dance of your combined love energies.
This dance is sacred. So beautiful for us angels to see. 
In radiant colors, unique patterns that reaches the universe.
So keep on making love, and peace the most beautiful dance…!

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Golden eye! Ajna!

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Today I am going to talk about, life! What is there to say? Is it not just what it is? What can we really do? I am waiting for you! To believe in life and in love and to have faith.

And where do I start to explain? It is actually a long journey. Not a journey where you pack a bag and go to the grand central station to catch a train. It is your inner journey I am talking about. And life can seem, like a forrest with almost too many trees sometimes. You just can not find your path in that bewildered forrest…! But it is there. Always has! But. There is a but. O yes. There is a time for everything. Yes. Time for -not- finding the path. Am I crazy to say this? Think about it for a while.

When you walk in life, not finding the path – what happens? You stumble and you might fall. Your knees might get scratched or worse. And along that path – as it is also a path – you will make attempts – to find what is important to you. It is many times a hard search. But eventually, you get more determined. You can find light, where there is almost no light. You are training yourself. Training your soul. To keep on going, even if it hurts, aches, in every part of your being.

You live in great resistance. And what happens? You are the diamond. And you are being shaped. And that is lessons in life. And love. And it is painful. And it makes you grow. Your soul grows. And you will be more sure eventually, of what is really meaningful to you. What makes your heart warm. You will learn about love. And life. And mostly about having – faith.

No matter what path you are upon. You are loved. Yes. God does not just love you when you find your light path. O no. God loves you in your worst moments. God loves you in your darkest moments, when you maybe think you are all alone…! God always loves you! And so do I.

So, what about the golden eye?! What do I mean? You are a treasure. So important. Gold is a special material. On earth you cherish this. For us we want to say – maybe to make it easier for you to understand – if you consider your inner eye – inner vision – to be a golden eye – very important and valuable – look upon everything around you and within you – with this golden eye and give yourself the benefit of estimating everything at great value. A golden value. Everything you see with your golden eye is putting a gold coating on everything. Do you understand what I am trying to say? You have that golden eye within of you. It is between your eyebrows. You call it the ajna chakra.

Your ajna chakra is a treasure. You all have it. Just believe in it. It is a part of you. And it is very much connected with your heart. Breath. For every breath you link your golden heartglow up to your ajna. Breath and feel the difference. You can start to use your golden eye whenever you like, because you have it! It is you! God bless you!

Who am I?

I am an angel. My name is Faith. I am an archangel. And what does that mean? It means I am older. It means I know a little bit more. What do I do? My mission is faith. Why is faith so important? Faith is a channel. A wavelength – an energy. A foundation stone to life itself. Faith always comes in a combination with hope and love! A trilogy! Yes! Hope and Love is also archangels! We always work in teams of three! Just as angels work – in teams! I will tell you more about our work later on! God bless you!

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Garden of light! Cherry blossoms!

Within you have a garden, a garden of light. If you close your eyes, and you relax, sitting or laying comfortably you are opening its portal. Now there are cherry blossoms blooming there! The bees are busy gadering the nectar! No matter what happens in your life, there are always a flower blooming in your garden of light. There is always light and love there! Because you are IT! It is in your heart the eternal portal to heaven!

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AA Michael; Mamma MIA! And then there is you heart song…!

Mamma Mia!
Ok, let´s just say, what´s next?
What road will you walk on?!
And the answer is of course…
…the road you choose.
And let´s just say, 
how can I find my road, you might ask.
(Well right now I just can´t see it?)
That´s it!
It has been there all the time. Yet in darkness without the lights on.
Now the lanternas of your road are lightened.
Then there is also your heartsong.
Yes you have a song in your heart.
That is your unique tune and beat!
An inprint of your soul! Then you have soulsong!
As you heal yourself, tune in to your self! The more you are
HERE and NOW – a dimension of heaven –
the more you can hear your own heartsong!
And the more you are at peace within
the more you sense your soulsong
that is quite similar to your heartsong.
Take your time
Don´t hurry!
Don´t worry!
Be happy!
It is YOUR journey,
your liferythm
your path to walk
open up to joy of life
                                                                            /A A Michael

                                                            Thank you, borrowed from Google

Fire, you are light!

Fire! You are light!
”In your being there is fire. It is a part of you! Fire is an element, as wind, earth and water. Within you there is a combination of these elements! Of course! They are all a necessity to life itself! They are equally important! Don´t you beleive anything else…! So what about fire?! You might wonder! That is your engine. The engine where is it? It is situated in your whole body! Wow how is that possible, you might wonder? In your cells. Each cell have a unit within each and everyone – a little engine that gives the spark. And they are in constant contact with your heart, that gives them the pulse, a beat, a natural rythm. And they also are in contact with all of your major chakras. A constant cooperation, pulse, fire, egnition – LOVE!
You are light! Like a candle. The root chakra – earth – is very important here to all your cells! Your electrical -fire -system needs to be grounded. As you walk on earth you get grounded. Especially with bare feet in grass that is green. That is a very good way to help yourself to be grounded! Sometimes we actually need to be specific about the grounding bit! Because then all of your body – the light system – all cells are being more healthy! You don´t have to be an engineer to understand this, it is common sense! In your bodies there are a constant energy exchange! That moves from top to bottom and at the same time in the opposite direction. You are both energy of your own. And also a transmitter and a giver and a taker! You receive energy from the ground, Mother Earth, that goes through you and up to the universe. And you also receive energy from the universe, through you and down in to Mother Earth, so what does this say to you my dear friend? It is good to be aware! Is it not? Don´t let this information make you sad in anyway! This is how it works, and always have!
But what is so important right now? The earth. Mother Earth! Your mother! That gives you everything each day. You drink her water. You eat her food. She provides for you. She loves you! And how does she feel? Today!?! What do you think? You are walking on her! Feeling her! Touching her! The treatment of her – how you choose to treat Mother Earth – is the energy that flows through you…every breath you take! How do you treat her? How do you treat yourselves? The more love and respect you treat her with, the more will get back to you. It is an investment of LIFE! We who live far out from your planet, feel you. We feel how the energy goes through Earth and then through you also! We know – she – your mother- is in need. She is in need for love, respect, peace and healing. The energy that you are sending out, like a beacon from you and your beloved Mother Earth is sad. It makes us sad too.
We want to help you! We love you! We have always loved you! We are family! But we can not help you til enough people want help – in their hearts! It is the law of the free will! An omnirule. A rule and law of the universe. Not even God have the right to bend that law. You have a choise. No matter how small it may seem. You are all light. But most of you do not know it! Many live in fear. In the dark – not knowing – they already are a part of the life light! You are all candles! May you all let your light shine bright! Know in your hearts, how important you are! Know that you are unique, and so loved!

From where we are – the more light we see – the more YES it means, that we are welcome to aid you, dear beloved ones!”

Project; LoveIS


there is a project.

I want to help. Women and children. The project name is LoveIS.

I started the project at the samt time as I wrote a book. And Godinj (God) gave me the words about women. A love declaration to all women and mother earth.

It is all about the BALANCE…
…and there is no balance between female and male energy on earth today.

Pleace you are so welcome to share ideas, material, or a penny! For a better world for us all, where women and children and men also of course! It is time for balance now. Love and peace!

Archangel URIEL meditation: Circle of LIFE

The angels loves us! They want us to feel good! Archangel Uriel, came and gave me this lovely meditation! Thank you Uriel I love you! (A little advice, turn of all electronics, sit or lay down – be comfortable, relax and then you are ready to start!)
Meditation with Uriel, Circle of Life!
If you see life as a circle, a flow, a flow that is shaped like a circle, you’ll see what I mean!
Your life has just started, and you are born into a world of light and color! You breathe with new breaths and your life smiles, you take your first steps! Affectionate hands are leading you gently forward in life! You grow! You mature!
You see sunrises and sunsets! You see the rain falling in the sun! You see the glitter in every drop of rain! You hear a bird sing!
You go barefoot in the grass and hear a bumblebee buzzing next to a pink flower and you can smell its scent!
You walk on a beach and  you look at the stones, shells and you’ll find a piece of driftwood formed soft and smooth by millions of waves! Can you hear the waves?!
You breathe, the air is clear, clean and fill you and you are happy! The air is so loving, the air loves You! Breathe!
You’ve grown up! And you walk with your heart’s partner through a green forest! Up on a cliff with views high above the treetops! You and your beloved sits down and you look at a sunrise together! You hold hands! You breathe in love! Maybe you see colors!
You walk back again and go into the green woods and where you hear the sound of a creek! Arriving at the creek, you feel that you are thirsty and you drink of the brook and let it quench your thirst!
The sun has risen and the light warms!
A white light is surrounding you! It is God’s light!
The light of love!
Time stands still!
No worries, no banking, no bills! No disease, no war, no hunger, no stress …
JUST LOVE of God’s white light!
Here you will meet loved ones, a meeting room in eternity! The joy is big, very big! You are always safe and loved in God’s white light! And now life’s circle is closed! You breathe in the white light! The light of love!