Archangel URIEL meditation: Circle of LIFE

The angels loves us! They want us to feel good! Archangel Uriel, came and gave me this lovely meditation! Thank you Uriel I love you! (A little advice, turn of all electronics, sit or lay down – be comfortable, relax and then you are ready to start!)
Meditation with Uriel, Circle of Life!
If you see life as a circle, a flow, a flow that is shaped like a circle, you’ll see what I mean!
Your life has just started, and you are born into a world of light and color! You breathe with new breaths and your life smiles, you take your first steps! Affectionate hands are leading you gently forward in life! You grow! You mature!
You see sunrises and sunsets! You see the rain falling in the sun! You see the glitter in every drop of rain! You hear a bird sing!
You go barefoot in the grass and hear a bumblebee buzzing next to a pink flower and you can smell its scent!
You walk on a beach and  you look at the stones, shells and you’ll find a piece of driftwood formed soft and smooth by millions of waves! Can you hear the waves?!
You breathe, the air is clear, clean and fill you and you are happy! The air is so loving, the air loves You! Breathe!
You’ve grown up! And you walk with your heart’s partner through a green forest! Up on a cliff with views high above the treetops! You and your beloved sits down and you look at a sunrise together! You hold hands! You breathe in love! Maybe you see colors!
You walk back again and go into the green woods and where you hear the sound of a creek! Arriving at the creek, you feel that you are thirsty and you drink of the brook and let it quench your thirst!
The sun has risen and the light warms!
A white light is surrounding you! It is God’s light!
The light of love!
Time stands still!
No worries, no banking, no bills! No disease, no war, no hunger, no stress …
JUST LOVE of God’s white light!
Here you will meet loved ones, a meeting room in eternity! The joy is big, very big! You are always safe and loved in God’s white light! And now life’s circle is closed! You breathe in the white light! The light of love!


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