Life is love! How?

Life is love…

…how you might wonder?

Life is a design, to make you learn about love. Why?

Why is that important?

Love is the strongest energy in universe.

Everything comes from love.

Love – created everything – LIFE

You are made of love and light

Your body, mind and soul = love + light

You might wonder, why it is so much pain?

The distance between your pain and the love and light

that is YOU…that space ….is your teaching ground…space to learn in-between!

Sometimes you feel, that this space is to big.

You can´t handle it?

To much pain. And no easing of your pain?

That is resistance. That is when you GROW.

Soon you will be back ”in business” again, back in the love flow.


Because it is ALWAYS there. YOU ARE IT.

You are love and light.
Never forget it.
God bless you!

2 reaktioner till “Life is love! How?”

  1. Thank you Aromal R, for your nice words! I am learning, I am a student of Faith and God, I am a channel and yet I also love to write these words of faith, hope and love, they are really healing for me, in my ”bumpy” life!



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