Everytime we make love…

Everytime we make love, we make peace.

How do I mean?
Everytime we make love
a swirl of love and peace is born.
And this swirl moves around, spreading 
love and peace. It is invisible. Yet you can feel it.
The swirl is actually a dance.
A dance of your combined love energies.
This dance is sacred. So beautiful for us angels to see. 
In radiant colors, unique patterns that reaches the universe.
So keep on making love, and peace the most beautiful dance…!

(Picture borrowed from Google!)

Golden eye! Ajna!

(Picture borrowed from Google!)

Today I am going to talk about, life! What is there to say? Is it not just what it is? What can we really do? I am waiting for you! To believe in life and in love and to have faith.

And where do I start to explain? It is actually a long journey. Not a journey where you pack a bag and go to the grand central station to catch a train. It is your inner journey I am talking about. And life can seem, like a forrest with almost too many trees sometimes. You just can not find your path in that bewildered forrest…! But it is there. Always has! But. There is a but. O yes. There is a time for everything. Yes. Time for -not- finding the path. Am I crazy to say this? Think about it for a while.

When you walk in life, not finding the path – what happens? You stumble and you might fall. Your knees might get scratched or worse. And along that path – as it is also a path – you will make attempts – to find what is important to you. It is many times a hard search. But eventually, you get more determined. You can find light, where there is almost no light. You are training yourself. Training your soul. To keep on going, even if it hurts, aches, in every part of your being.

You live in great resistance. And what happens? You are the diamond. And you are being shaped. And that is lessons in life. And love. And it is painful. And it makes you grow. Your soul grows. And you will be more sure eventually, of what is really meaningful to you. What makes your heart warm. You will learn about love. And life. And mostly about having – faith.

No matter what path you are upon. You are loved. Yes. God does not just love you when you find your light path. O no. God loves you in your worst moments. God loves you in your darkest moments, when you maybe think you are all alone…! God always loves you! And so do I.

So, what about the golden eye?! What do I mean? You are a treasure. So important. Gold is a special material. On earth you cherish this. For us we want to say – maybe to make it easier for you to understand – if you consider your inner eye – inner vision – to be a golden eye – very important and valuable – look upon everything around you and within you – with this golden eye and give yourself the benefit of estimating everything at great value. A golden value. Everything you see with your golden eye is putting a gold coating on everything. Do you understand what I am trying to say? You have that golden eye within of you. It is between your eyebrows. You call it the ajna chakra.

Your ajna chakra is a treasure. You all have it. Just believe in it. It is a part of you. And it is very much connected with your heart. Breath. For every breath you link your golden heartglow up to your ajna. Breath and feel the difference. You can start to use your golden eye whenever you like, because you have it! It is you! God bless you!