Female orgasm! Healing sanctuary!

I would like to talk about a very important thing.
The female orgasm.

Why is it so important?

Well for starters, it is a healer.
Being a human being, as you are, you must have notised that you have a great power in your
root chakra?!

So, why is it so hard to talk about it? Are you a shamed? It is yours! You own it! You are your own healing capacity. You own your body. It is your private business!

You as a woman are sacred. You are holy. Your womb is the holy grail. The female energy is not balanced today and has not been for many thousands of years. It has everything to do with respect!

So what about your orgasm?! It is your own personal sanctuary. Your way to heal whatever is going on in your body and soul. It is a painkiller! You have heaven within, a beautiful sanctuary, a healing garden!

Sexual orientation!

Yes! What about sexual orientation? What do you think? 

It is all about love and peace! 
You are ok, whatever sexual orientation you have!
 There are many varieties. That is how it is meant to be! 
Do you know why? You are all universal beings. 
When you make love, you create. Special patterns. 
Special love patterns. That is unique for you. 
And in the combination with your partner, makes a vibration that reaches out to very far away places beyond this planet. 
Love vibrations that create…new life. Far away. 
Yes you just have to believe it! 
Have faith! 

(Picture JM copyright)