Archangel Grace meditation; Welcome to Garden of Grace!

Firstly I would like to say; You are welcome! I am an angel my name and vibration is Grace. I am also an archangel, that means that I am older and therefore know more. Sometimes in life, while living on the beautiful Terra, one can be in the need of a healing space. I am about to give you one right now. And remember you are always loved, you are a bellowed child of God. God is a creator. Amongst other creators. And you are also a creator! Actually much like God! Love is endless and you are a part of love! An important part! Please have faith in that! So lets start this moment, this healing space!

Now I am going to tell you about a special place. It is a place where you are always welcome. You can come here whenever you like! The door is always open! For you and for love! I am now holding your hand and guiding you gently in to my garden of grace. Here you are! You are free! You can fly! There are butterflies here! And you can fly with them if you like. They have different colors. Can you see them?! What colors can you see! Stay here for a moment. Enjoy!

Then when you are ready to move on, I take you further into my garden of grace. We walk on a little path and on both sides of the path there is flowers growing. Different flowers, maybe you have never seen them before. They have all colors of love. They make you feel calm and safe. You feel that you are very welcome to be here. It is almost like being home for you. In a loving home. As we walk further on this path we reach a little pond! The water is crystal clear! And it is not a deep pond. You can see beautiful shells on the bottom of the pond. And there are also miniature dolphins swimming and playing and singing and having a heartful time in the pond! They are so happy! And you are welcome to go swimming with them if you like! You can also stay at the shore and talk to them. This is play land of gods happiness. Joy. Here you can be a child and play and have fun! You are always welcome here and always loved! I let you be here for a while. Take your time.

Now we move on! The scent of roses fill the air. The sun is shining. The sky is blue! This is heaven! You are invited to a little party. I take you along the path where the flowers of love grow! They gently move in the warm rosy wind. There are butterflies and bumble bees busy collecting nectar. They say hallo to you!

Now we come to the place for the little party! It is the elves that are inviting you! They have set a little table, with little cups of nectar lemonade! And you feel very welcome, you feel their love! You sit down and you drink the cup of nectar! And you feel like you have no wounds anymore! No akin. No pain. The nectar is a healing nectar! Very healthy for you! The elves comes and sit next to you! They want to sing you a lullaby! There is a hammock, where you can lay down comfortably. They sing for you. They love you! And you just relax. You feel peaceful and joyful at the same time! The song is very beautiful! Maybe you have heard it before?! The rosy scent blowing in the gentle wind is caressing your cheek. And I let you be here for a while! Enjoy!

Now I come and it is time to go back through the garden of grace to the open door! I take you by your hand once again. We walk the same path. And the flowers say, please come back soon! Then suddenly you see the door, that is always open! I give you a warm embrace and hope to see you here again whenever you like! And do not forget. I am also with you, in your daily life as well as God and Faith also! You are always loved!