All is well!

Right now. In this moment. You are. You breathe. Being in the NOW is really important.

Why do I say this? Because it is easy to be ”stuck” in the past. Thinking about what has happened… And when you are in the past – you are obviously not here and NOW?

Everything around you can only get better. When you breathe, you are here and now. I mean when you concentrate on your breathing, then you are here and now! Awareness of breathing = being in the presence!

Letting go of the past? Forgiving yourself. And also to forgive others. No one is perfect. We are all learning. To forgive is like turning an important page in your own book, you are starting a new chapter!

You are really something! Yes! You are unique! You are valuable! You have a story to tell. Important messages! To us all!

Do you see this!? Maybe your answer is no? Do you have time to see this? Do you have time to realize that you are important?

That is why I talk about being in the now.

You are very much loved. You are a child of God. All is well.