Archangel Faith; Love is in the air!

 I love you! Do you know that!?! I always have and I always will! As you turn the pages in your life I walk beside you! And I really want you to feel that I am holding your hand! You are never alone! Can you feel the warmth of my hand?! I know what you are going through – always! For better for worse…! And I love you, just the way you are! Sometimes when your life is stormy or cold or you feel alone – you might think I am not there…but I am – waiting for you! I love you, I walk beside you – I am always there! Wanting you to believe in love, having faith in yourself, knowing in your heart that you are in fact a beautiful and wonderful being – a creation of God, a creation of love and light!
I am Archangel Faith and I serve you! I am forever imbedded in your heart as a seed, waiting for you to take a leap – in trusting and believing in the grateness of love and life…!
I am an Archangel, do you know what that means?! I am an angel that is simply older…and I have therefore more knowledge! There are a lot of different kinds of angels! We all have different tasks! We are all creations of love and light! Love is our lantern! We serve directly as Gods helpers! God is a creator. Amongst other creators! Love is the strongest energy in the universe, and soon also here on beautiful Mother Earth! The universe is a Free Will universe! As Mother Earth also is part of! God always love you as you are! God doesn´t say ”no-no don´t do this or that…”! Not even God has the right to break the free will law of the universe!

I am the mother of your planet Earth! And now I can´t hold back my tears anymore! Many of you tremble with fear as you live your life in a nonloving society. Fear is – in the plan – to make you numb! Fear is sometimes actually good to have…if you are walking in unknown terrain it is really good to suddenly feel – no I should not continue on this particular path, I take another direction now, and by changing course – you did not have to fall down a high cliff! That is when fear is good!
Love goes through everything…except one thing! FEAR! And why? Fear makes your heart collapse…but, not entirely, the seeds are still there  –  always there waiting for you…!! The seeds of Faith, Hope and Love and many more!!! Waiting for you to awaken! We love you, we have faith in you, hoping and praying for you, we are always there beside you, you are never alone! We always know what you are going through, and we miss you! If you wonder why the seeds always awaits in your heart – that is because when God and the other Creators, created you – they did it together with Faith, Hope and Love, as they are very strong energy channels- very important foundation stones of life – and therefore necessary ingredients to be able to create life…!
They are a natural part of you! You are – faith, hope, love, light, joy and more…IT IS YOU!
Love unites, fear separates…
You are all equally loved! In your own uniqueness! Know that you are NEEDED, LOVED!
Yours forever!
AA Faith

(This lovely picture is borrowed from Google)