Love and gratitude!

An apple does not fall far from the tree…!
How do I mean?
Well I am talking about
a very natural thing.
What we all need
every day
and every night.
Just as important 
as breathing…
yes love and gratitude
as it is foundation stones to life itself.
What comes around, goes around
just have faith!

                                                    (Thank you, borrowed from google!)

Hi there!

I hope you are fine…

…please lay all your troubles on me
and I will carry them!
Why you might think?
Well that is what I do
I want to ease your burden
because you are not alone
never one second
when it is hard to live and
to understand why?
You think maybe you are alone,
all alone?!
Well you must know
you always have an angel by your side!
Wanting to hold your hand!
I know what worries you
you are never alone
let me help you
call on me
I am Michael!