Heights and depths…

                                                       (Borrowed picture from Google!)

If we walked on plain ground
what would we learn?
The high mountains
are your teachers.
The deep valleys
are your mentors.
It is easier
a lot easier to walk straight on flat ground
you will come a long distance
but what will you have learned?
It is quite simple.
You have chosen
your path.
Yes you have.
Before you even was born.
You wanted, to learn something
for your soul.
You where thirsty
to drink KNOWLEDGE.
And knowledge is LIGHT.
Like a dynamo.
You need to make it spin.
It is hard work.
The more it spins
the more light…
the more you will
learn your soul!

The Great Healer will soon come!

Yes, so it is!
The Great Healer will arrive!
A special moment in Earths history.
An invokation of love.
The very seed of LOVE
It is there to be nourished
treated with grace and respect.
No need for more walking
through the eye of a needle.
The path is now wide
and we say HALLELUJA.
We will all sing together
the hymn of LOVE
forever in kingdom of
joy and harmony.
You are all welcome
into the arms of God.