Seeing numbers 222

Maybe you look at your clock and se the time 2:22?

Over and over again?
Well You are WELCOME! To the great star seed awakening!
You are not alone! Many see this frequently. 
And you ask yourself WHY?!
I will explain; You are one of over 100.000 persons. To be more exact 144.000. Ups you might think now. That is ok! The 144.000 are the FIRST group! Yes, and then there are more groups coming! 
You have tasks to do. Tasks of LOVE and UNDERSTANDING! So that others may wake up! And why do we need to wake up?! Because you are the new leaders. Of the planet that Mother Earth is soon becoming! A new cycle of Mother Earth, a renewed path in the light. And you have done it before! Yes indeed! All of you have done it before! Now it is time to wake up and get adjusted and doing the job! Never forget – IT IS ALL ABOUT LOVE –  all guidance is LOVING, GENTLE and with GRACEFULLNESS and never demanding in any way. It is always your own choice! It is the highest council of universe and heaven that is your employer. It is for the sake of all good! 
So seeing the number 222, in either; the clock or other places means;
You are a way shower! You have gone through many storms, and you therefore are a perfect way shower because you can give directions in full blizzard, with no sight. You have your 2 feet in the ground. You are a logical person. You know what is right, you always have. You go in your own direction because you know it from within, what road is right to walk for you! Many people see you as strong and silent. Someone they can confide in! Please let them! Listen to them! Help them find THEIR own road, that is where they can be at their best! You want to share everything and also think sharing is the way to go…! You don’t think anyone can own Mother Earth! You know in your heart that SHE IS HER OWN, with her own intelligence! You can feel the unbalance between the female and male energies and you know there is still a big job to do there. You feel that you can help the female energy by adding female attributes within your presence. 

Seek who you truly are!

What am I talking about?

I am not saying you are not YOU.

I am saying, you are so much MORE…

Maybe you are a parent! For example!

That is wonderful! A gift! The best thing in life!!

But still you are more than that!

It is easy to go in for it to 100% or even more?

It is almost like turning off yourself, neglecting yourself?

I am not saying – don’t be a parent anymore!

I am just pointing out that your child most certainly will love you anyway, if you where to

give yourself more moments to find yourself ~ who you truly are!

Some day your child have grown up. And where will you be then?

In the not knowing? Maybe! It is ok! It is a part of life and living!

All the answers is within of you! They are elementary to YOU.

In silence, in meditation, within your own space and time, that is

where you find yourself who you truly are…!

A can of holy water.

How can you truly KNOW faith?

Only if you LOOSE faith first?

How can you really know something, if you have not been without it first?

How can you understand LOVE and know what it means?
If you have not lived WITHOUT IT?


Many good books describe LOVE and FAITH and more!

But you have do DO IT ON YOUR OWN.


Learning by DOING!

A GOD BOOK is GOOD advice!

YOU have your own road to walk.

Your own lessons to learn.

YOU ARE UNIQUE and you need to learn your own lessons…!

And GOD knows!

About every step YOU take!

Know that you are


God want you to seek for God in your heart
and get to know God in your own personal way!

God want to be your personal friend
personal BEST friend!

God loves us all equally!

And even if you never succeed in finding God within your heart, and if you never find out that God always listens to you…!

…it is OK! You are so very much loved anyway! God knows about your struggle! Every little thing…!

All alive!

all is alive!
Nothing is dead.
There is no death.
Now you start to think I am wrong?
You think of your body?
That it will not live for ever?
Yes you are partly right.
Your body have a limit.
You think of your life as a line.
A road.
That will eventually end.
A sign at the end of the road that says STOP!
And then…nothing more?

I would like to fill in the blanks for you.
It is not a road, or line.
It is a circle.
And yes your body have still a limit.
But if I say your body is a temporary house for your soul?
A very important house? A holy house?!!!!
I will say it now


But there is a but, you still think?!
It won’t last so very long, so what happens?

Your very important body becomes
nourishment for Mother Earth
and even more flowers can grow…!
A circle of life.

And your soul awakens in heaven once again.
A home where you are always welcome to.
Your soul is forever…!

Please look upon life as a necklace of pearls. 
This is a special necklace…! 
The pearls, each pearl, are the different lives you live on earth.
And the string that keeps it together is the eternal life…!
Each pearl is unique. In different colors. And the string, the eternal bond
is shimmering in wonderful magic colors ~ these pearls are very rare and valuable, not sitting
so close to each other, and you can clearly see the beautiful glowing bond/string
between, the pearls…!

all have a purpose
even the smallest little thing…!

What about Sunday?

There is 7 days in a week
each day have a special meaning
of course 
that is common knowledge.
To remember what is important
for example
the SUN
a day of light and warmth
for your soul and your life
as you are indeed a flower in Gods garden.
So if the sun is something to bear in mind and heart
it is easy to slip in to astrology is it not?
YES you might say to yourself.
So, maybe astrology really matters
extremely much to the very life on this planet?
Not forgetting.
That this planet is a PART of something very big.
And it means if you look even more upon it, that 
you are not ALONE…
as all is energy.
Hallo, you don’t need a ceremony.
All you need to is to remember
and not forgetting
it all have a meaning
 a good meaning…!

                                                              (Picture borrowed from Google)

Starseeds SEEING NUMBERS 1:11, 222, 333, etc

Yes, maybe you are seeing numbers whenever
you look at your clock or other places
for starseeds
and you are many
on this planet!
Yet not everyone has awakened yet!
You can google on this, there are many sites that
describes this thoroughly.

Now we are going to speak about seeing the time on your clock: 1.11

What does this mean?

Well seeing 1:11 says that you are a person that are a guide to others. That others come to you for answers. And also that you have more responsibility. You have a knowledge that is very big. And you don’t understand how this great knowledge ”landed” in you. That is because you are carrying, a library of knowledge, coming from your universal family, you are in coded with this. You ARE this. It is natural for you. Sometimes you see 11:11, and that is something else! Yes! It is another task. You all have different tasks. All equally important. Seeing 1:11 means you are a natural leader. Many times this is the last thing you can see in yourself. Because you dislike authority.  You are very sensitive and you understand things long before others even think about it. Many times it makes you feel alone.  You never try to earn money on your skills or brag about them.  You are a star seed –  that is – have grown into being a star teenager. No longer a star child. You have for sometime felt a standstill  like living in a bubble of vacuum. That is just the ticket! That is how it is meant to be. Everything has its meaning. Don’t worry. It means you are growing! YES! Just be! You are safe! Be happy! You are being carried. With love and understanding! You are a galactic worker. You do many different things in the universe. You are multitasked. It is natural for you. You find comfort in music, meditation and relaxing in nature. You need to be earthed and you work on this daily. You also say prayers each day as it is a natural bond with God and all the other creators, and your home Heaven.  At every full moon new assignment are given, to strengthen yourself, and you have a possibility to learn more about yourself, it is voluntary. The number 1:11, also means 3. And 3 means a triangular shape. You are a carrier of the three important life essential energies FAITH, HOPE AND LOVE.
Three energies that always work together in full symbiosis. Many often talk of LOVE with glittering eyes, that is good YES!  But what actually is necessary is the other 2, so it will LAST. Otherwise it will be an inbalance. Love is ETHER, AIR and FIRE. Faith is EARTH, Hope is WATER, but, it is complicated, they all have each other within, it is a holy sanctuary. As I said a co operation. They need each other to be complete and be whole. And the archangels Faith, Hope and Love, always work in a team. As angels always do, they complement each other. It is all about BALANCE. When balance there can be miracles…!
God bless you
/Aa Michael

Healing to Tjernobyl tonight!

Yes, the area around Tjernobyl
needs healing
a million of devas and elves and many more lives there
it is their home
And who helped this night with the healing?
Eagles from the Pleiades.
Ashtar Command
Archangel Michael
Jesus Christ Sananda
Maria Magdalena
Mother of Elves, Divana
Do you want to join?!
In love and light

Artemisia vulgarisuk. чорнобиль tjornobyl

Absolute LOVE!

Today we say to YOU
Don´t hesitate
It is a matter of FAITH
Ask yourself
what do you carry?
What burdens?
Ask God for help
and you will be helped
with your burdens
God will help you carry them…
…so God is waiting for your call
God loves you even more than you 
can ever imagine….
Your heart is your phone…
FAITH is your dialing number…
Faith is always there with you
God bless you

                                                        (This beautiful picture is borrowed from 
                                                                                Google!! THANK YOU!)