Sanat Kumara; Old world and new world!

So my dear beloved friend
is there really a before and after?!
If life is eternal, as I mean the soul is.
What I am about to speak about is that
there are pivotal times.
A special time where your planet
are shifting her life into another life.
She now can fly!
Yes that is how it is!
Before she was cooconed
and now she is free and have wings!
I would like to explain;
She has gone through a metamorphosis.
Yes! Like a caterpillar!
And now she is a beautiful butterfly!
This is something the whole universe have been waiting for.
Everyone have been holding their breaths! Waiting!
Waiting for this very special, pivotal time for your planet
Mother Earth.
So what does this mean for you dear?!
Well, you will be able to feel a difference!
A great difference!
More joy!
More flexibility!
You might even feel your planet is blessed!
And so once again, what will happen to you?
You will also go through a metamorphosis and
and you will feel that you shift from one element to another.
From one sort of life to another! You will feel your new wings.
And you will have the urge to unfold them gently and eventually 
when you are ready, you will spread them and fly for the first time!
The wings are of course on the etheric plane, but you will be able 
to feel them from time to time! Get to know them and their capabilities.
All you have to know is that they are the wings of love…! BLESS YOU!

                                                         (Borrowed picture from Google THANK YOU!)

Bast The Lioness

I have many names
I am very old
I am a cat
I am a lion
I am a protector
of life
A saver 
of love
And grace
is very important to me
Life is a flow
and the more love
the more flow
of light
glittering sparks
in the dark night
I am an ally
to Vanadis
We work together
never alone
Love is our lantern
Peace is our mother
Heart is our father

                                                              (Pictures are borrowed from Google Thank You)

Ganesha; Love is the Remedy!

In the search for a cure…
to heal you
all of you
I would like to say
LOVE is the remedy
for ALL illness
embrace what is already there
every bit of goodness
even if it is little peaces…
Just be sure you totally
hold them little peaces to your heart
give them all your love…
and love will expand…
you make love grow
You can do it!
I know!
Just believe
and have FAITH
in yourself
and let LOVE be your REMEDY!

                                                      Thank you Google have borrowed 
                                                                  this lovely picture!

What does love mean?!

Love means care.
Love means friend.
Love means respect.
Love means for ever.
Love means universal.

Love have no bonds, or strings
Love is FREE

Love is energy
endless and eternal

Love reaches beyond the stars
Love embraces ALL

Love is food for SOUL

The Love wibe is necessary for LIFE
for the existence on Terra

Let go of anger, situations, and
be free in your heart.

Say you are sorry;
To yourself
and to others
make loving peace.

Let the love wibe shine.
It is there waiting for you
to let go of the old,
old pain, old sorrows, old fears, old guilt.

Just make PEACE and let go…in freedom and harmony.
Old things are in the past.
Now is Now.

Make peace for the sake of NOW.
You are forgiven, says God,
you have to forgive yourself now.
Just be…says God
Inhale and exhale
Inhale and exhale,
just relax!

And you will find out
that you ARE LOVE
and always have been
just allow yourself…to be here and now!

"Trembling hearts” words from Ganesha.

If you all could see
what I can see
you would think
is this really true?
For what I can see
is something very beautiful
I can see trembling hearts
and I can also see all the colors
of love
I can see all your feelings
It all is so beautiful
And now you are so near
a very special moment in this 
life circle that is extremely rare.
A moment of truth and liberation
that will come to each and everyone.
Love will have a new meaning as well as
freedom and respect!
You will all find your soul purpose and 
all will be unconditional LOVE and PEACE.
Mother Earth is waiting for this moment
and on a soul plane so are YOU.
I love you

Let´s go together!

Yes! Let´s go together!
Whenever you think you are alone
all you need is your own Faith
and as soon as you find Faith
you immediately FEEL in your
heart that you are indeed not alone!
We´ll walk with you through rain and sunshine
we walk with you wherever you walk
in deep valleys or on high mountains.
Knowing Faith, is like being connected.
You have to be ”plugged-IN.”
Yes it is as easy as that!
Faith is an life essential energy, like a wavelength.
Faith is a foundationstone to life itself.
And living without Faith is like living without an important
part of yourself.
And yet Faith is always there with you
and Faith always loves you, and Faith always waits for you!

AA Faith ”You are a treasure of life!"

 Lady Faith – Archangel,
”You know me. I know you. Why do I say so?!
Without each other we would be no one.
And how do I mean?!
I will start by saying this;
I LOVE YOU, every minute, every breath you take…!
I am always there with you, wanting to hold your hand.
And without you knowing it, you always carry a seed in your heart.
A seed of Faith, of me!
Through endless time, it still comes down to
And through every breath, every sunrise I beleive in you, love you
wanting and praying for you
to reach out, for my hand is waiting to hold yours!
And if your life is a struggle, with no beautiful sunrises…
You can be sure of that 
I see you. I feel you in every heartbeat.
Trust me. I know you.
The further apart you think we are…
…the closer I am to you.
I know every time you blink with your eyelids…!
No matter how dark it is, where you are
you still sparkle with light
you are a treasure of life
Beleive in yourself, have faith.
I am always there with you
willing to hold your hand!”


Urgent message; LOVE is on the way!

It´s all a glance away…!
The long winter is soon over…
A warm breeze of spring is not far away!
The sun wants to warm you gently.
You have been thirsty for a long time
and now you are ready to drink the cup of love!
It is a renaissance and all is welcome!
Including polar shifts and more.
Mother Earth is also welcome!
As we all are ONE
we need each other
gracefully and lovingly
we are in this together.
War must end
as the will is in the hearts.
The will to be free
starts in the heart.
The choice to live in PEACE
starts in your heart.
A shift in HEARTS
from war and hate