In favor of love!

No matter what is cancelled in your life…
…no matter what has been in the past
no matter what hardships you are walking through… 
focus and center yourself
and when you do
you will realize
that you are made of love
so regardless of our path
every new step you now take 
is in favor of love!

Isn’t she beautiful…!

Our dear MOTHER
she loves us
she wants us all to be alright
we are all her children
she wants us to share
when we have to much
can you see any borders?
It is time for 

                                                        (Borrowed picture from Google!)

Endless love!

There is something called karma.
Just to make it simple
I would like to explain karma
as something that is formed like a labyrint.
When past meets the precent, it also includes 
a labyrint that is not only horizontal but also
In other words, karma could be explained as a 
curtain you never will be able to se through properly.
And what I am about to mention today is that
you can have faith in love
no matter of your karma.
Your karma may have this or that, and much more…!
But what do you have here and now?
At this very moment?
Yes, you already have it!
The endless love dear!
Through every step that you have taken
no matter what life you live
you are loved without any restrictions
by God and all the other creators
and you are all equally loved!