Norma Jeane sings..!?!

And as I sat in the kitchen filting wool, making wool hearts…!

”Happy birthday to you
happy birthday to you
happy birthday mr president…”!

We are all ONE…
and we have a voice… always!

”All that glitters is not gold…!
And yet, some that glitters are really gold!
And how can you know?
True friendship; THAT is GOLD that glitters!
To have a faithful friend, matters most in the world!
Someone who cares about your heart
no matter if you are happy or sad.
Like the waves loves the beach
or like a butterfly loves the flower..!”

Healing beacon!

There is a healing beacon…
a lantern just for you!
It is hidden in a secret place
amongst magical stars
with beauty and serenity
and peaceful healing.
For you just
don’t know it
do you?
You are the one!
Just as beautiful
as the stars
in the night sky!
So the healing beacon
is really you
giving yourself healing
whilst you are walking
here on earth…
…have faith!


Sunday, time to bake a cake?! "A recipe of love!"

So what will I talk about today?!
Let us say that you are about to bake a cake!
And the baking and the cake is actually your life!
You are in the kitchen, by your stove.
It is hot. And you are preparing your cake.
You take all the ingredients and you stir
and blend it all together.
You are a good cook!
You see the fields through the window
as you stand in your little
kitchen, preparing your cake.
You thank the fields and the land
for all that it gives you.
You thank mother, Mother Earth that provides for you!
You feel your love for her, for her gifts, in your
heart you feel a warmth of gratitude.
You are content. Your hands touch the dough.
Your hands and fingers, form and shape it.
Your loving warm hands help
making it smother.
You need to work on it.
And it takes some time!
And then the dough must ferment.
And you might place the dough in a warm place.
It also takes some time!
And meanwhile you have time to do something else.
And now the cake is ready to go into the oven.
Without the heat, it will not be eatable.
The warmth and the heat from the stove
is necessary
the heat from the oven transforms the dough into bread
it is a miracle?! 
All your work and
all the ingredients
are important
and if we see the stove,
the heat it gives, as love
LOVE makes MIRACLES happen
and the fire, the heat, from the oven…!

Sanat Kumara; Love is a natural force!

Who am I?
I am Sanat Kumara
and I am very old.
I am a ray of the sun
just as you are!
If you look upon time
as your best friend
a very dear friend 
that you love. 
You might come to the
insight that
time is not a problem.
This beautiful planet
has developed through 
very much time!
And that is LOVE!
You can’t do C
if you haven’t done
A and B first!
So you might think that
I am silly now?!
It is this simple!
So it is OK that you
take your time!
You don´t need to hurry
love is a natural force!

Pan tells a story; "You are global!"

I am global.
Yes I am.
Let me explain.
In my daily work
I aid Mother Earth.
I love her, and I treat her
with respect. I do different
chores, like planting, repairing
cleaning, gardening, singing, dancing and also
helping elves and gnomes and more!
I love my job!
And it is a global job!
Whatever I do
creates love patterns
that goes around her…
…our dear Mother!
And what I want to say to you is;
that when you give and work
with love and respect,
an invisible and yet very
important effect is
that it also goes around the planet
our dear Mother Earth,
so I wanted to say


You are deeply loved!

Blessed are you
with love
deep love.
You are a wanderer
on a path of your life.
Know that each step
is a step of love.
How can that be?
Well I will say;
God is always there
in every step you take!
Maybe you don’t know?
Maybe you think God sits in a church
waiting for you?
Well God does both,
you see God is where YOU ARE!
You can lay all your burdens on God,
God always listens
and loves you
even if you are all alone
at night
on a lonesome road
looking at the stars
with tears in your eyes
and you might be far away from home…
know that God is watching the stars 
together with you…!

                                             (Borrowed this picture from Google, thanks!)

HOROSCOPE NEWS; THE Saturn Influence

It all is a chain reaction.
As it has always been!
And yet now –
there is a special process!
Why is it special?
Well, right now extra light
are coming through this universe
and the effect is a little special.
What happens with the influence from Saturn?!
When extra light comes through Saturn
it means that the energy from Saturn
gets stronger and also more clear.

And how is the effect on Earth?

For you on Earth this means;
you might feel that you;

* see things from another, different angel, than what you are used to.
* you might feel and think, when you recognize this angel, ”is this me thinking this?!”
* it is like suddenly noticing old habits and feeling, why am I doing this?!
* it is like waking up, to a new reality, and not really knowing what to do at this moment

So, I would like to say;


Treat yourself as a newborn child! Very loving, very gently!
You actually SEE for the first time in your life.
Be very kind to yourself at this moment!
Your DNA is being healed at this moment, due to the stronger LIGHT.
This process goes through everyone, all living, on Earth!
Take good care of yourself
try not to expose yourself to unnecessary stress.


                                                        (Borrowed this picture from Google)