Sunday, time to bake a cake?! "A recipe of love!"

So what will I talk about today?!
Let us say that you are about to bake a cake!
And the baking and the cake is actually your life!
You are in the kitchen, by your stove.
It is hot. And you are preparing your cake.
You take all the ingredients and you stir
and blend it all together.
You are a good cook!
You see the fields through the window
as you stand in your little
kitchen, preparing your cake.
You thank the fields and the land
for all that it gives you.
You thank mother, Mother Earth that provides for you!
You feel your love for her, for her gifts, in your
heart you feel a warmth of gratitude.
You are content. Your hands touch the dough.
Your hands and fingers, form and shape it.
Your loving warm hands help
making it smother.
You need to work on it.
And it takes some time!
And then the dough must ferment.
And you might place the dough in a warm place.
It also takes some time!
And meanwhile you have time to do something else.
And now the cake is ready to go into the oven.
Without the heat, it will not be eatable.
The warmth and the heat from the stove
is necessary
the heat from the oven transforms the dough into bread
it is a miracle?! 
All your work and
all the ingredients
are important
and if we see the stove,
the heat it gives, as love
LOVE makes MIRACLES happen
and the fire, the heat, from the oven…!