The road to Faith! Mary Magdalene gave me the words!

Yes, it is a book and a channeling
from Mary Magdalene and I have had the great joy to hold the pen!
It is not yet translated to english yet!
Available to buy in Sweden.
My friend Sonja Moberg helped me and painted the cover picture…!

Archipelago of LOVE

(Borrowed picture from google 
Archipelago of Fernando de Noronha in Brazil)

Choose a place
where you love to be
and then you close your eyes
and breathe
and there you have it,
your archipelago of love
it is there
in your
it is your secret garden
and you are always welcome !

                                                                (Google picture borrowed)

Fleur de Lis

Once upon a time
there was a very important moment….!
And in that very moment
a choice was made. A necessary choice.
A special direction,  a new meaning, the road to freedom.
Through unity. And the heart pointed out the direction
as the eyes was blindfolded.
So it was born
the fleur de lis
a signal of freedom at heart.
And also that the insight
about the sword and the pen,
that the pen is more powerful
as it is the peaceful way to go…!

Sanat Kumara; Hello Easter!

What about easter?
Many like to eat eggs,
so why not thank the hen?
And what does the egg represent?
Food yes of course,
but also
a miracle
Like a seed
that becomes a rose in the spring?!
And springtime is
actually transformation time…
many seeds awaken
and move into another kind of life…!
A hopeful moment
that has the possibility to multiply
As if you let the egg become a hen
she will give you many eggs…!

                                                     (picture borrowed from Google)


”You know me. I know you. Why do I say so?!
Without each other we would be no one.
And how do I mean?!
I will start by saying this;
I LOVE YOU, every minute, every breath you take…
I am always there with you, wanting to hold your hand.
And without you knowing it, you always carry a seed in your heart.
A seed of Faith, of me!
Through endless time, it still comes down to
And through every breath, every sunrise I beleive in you, love you
wanting and praying for you
to reach out, for my hand is waiting to hold yours!
And if your life is a struggle, with no beautiful sunrises…
You can be sure of that
I see you. I feel you in every heartbeat.
Trust me. I know you.
The further apart you think we are…
…the closer I am to you.
I know every time you blink with your eyelids…!
No matter how dark it is, where you are
you still sparkle with light
you are a treasure of life
Beleive in yourself, have faith.
I am always there with you
willing to hold your hand!”