(This picture is borrowed from Google)

So what about this stone?!
It is a very special stone!
It gives you new stages in your life!
It is also supportive!
It gives you joy!
It gives you safety
a feeling of security
on new paths in life!
It makes you stronger!

If possible; Clean the stone each day,
as all stones!
Rinse in clean water, as natural as you can!
Let it dry, in sunlight or in moonlight.

A stone is elementary to life,
a balancer, and mostly it is grounding, helps us to be grounded.

A good stone is friendship…!

If you let it dry in sunlight it means;
it will be filled with sun energy= energy to help you move forward=ACTION

If you let it dry in moonlight it means;
it will be filled with moonlight= soothing, calming, serenity, so you will have a certain stillness, an  advantage; to be able to renew your energy by clarification!

Carry it with you as it suites you, the closer, the more it will give you!