The bra…a giver of breastcancer?

To my sisters! I just have to say, today I wore a bra with steel in, to make my breast seem bigger/higher (and I must say I was relived to take it off, it was not very comfortable.)

and it reminded me about the day an archangel came and gave me the words about
women, BRA and breast cancer.

It is all about the energy flow. You already know you have very important chakras!
The bra sits in the same location as the lungs, heart, diaframa and more.

And when carrying a bra that obviously tightens around your body, your chest area
– the necessary flow of good energy just can’t flow as good when waring a bra…!

So what do you think and feel about this, dear sister?!

                                                         (Borrowed from Google)


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