Matreya Talks about ATLANTIS!

Long ago there was a place

an island called
On this island some people loved and adored crystals.
They where so fond of crystals that they started to experiment with them.
So what did they forget?
They forgot about love!
They forgot about friendship!
A crystal is of course good to have! Yes!
But when you experiment and USE and you don’t understand its potential?
It is better to play it safe!! YES!
Then you have your beloveds and good friends first…
…then you treat crystals with care and respect!
Love is all we need!!!

A good samaritan!

As life passes on
and the sun sets
and the moon shines from the dark sky
there is someone
…for you
someone that goes beyond
and moon
that always is
… your best friend
your personal samaritan
the one that will always LOVE you
and always has…
A partnership of true love
and it is your
twin soul 
Yin and yang!
You need each other
It is chemistry!
It is natural!
It is love in the
true essence…!
Just you wait and see…