Lunar Life High Intelligence!

Soon it will be a full moon!
The moon is very important to Earth.
Earth lives a cyclic life through the Moon.
The moon is like a THIRD Pole to Earth.
Women is cyclic too.
Female vibration goes through the whole universe!
MOTHER earth is
guiding each woman, as well as
and more…!
Lunar life is high intelligence!
Without this
woman would not bare children!

                                                                    Photo Sonja Moberg

Faith Healing Wounds

Faith is healing wounds!
Faith is a very special energy!
Faith is life essential, as we can say;
as important as the foundation to a house,
THAT important is FAITH
to YOU and to every living being!
The question is;
There is always a current
a flow of faith
and you need to be ”plugged in”
have you checked your connection recently dear?!

                                           Out in the forrest helps me getting ”plugged-in”!                                                  

                                                           (Photo Sonja Moberg)

Ezekiel; We are here!

I am Ezekiel,
I am here
and you are here
we are all here…!
There is no wall,
there is no separation…!
Call for us!
Yes you have to call for us!
It is the free will,
it is a law.
You have to take the first step dear!
The law, is UNIVERSAL
not even God goes against this law.
We want to walk with you 
we love you 
call on us

Message from Neptune! On the menu today; Lobsters and Sharks!

Dear beloveds
we love you!
I am Neptune
I am a water being!
We the beings in water
pray for that
you humans
will find in your hearts
to treat yourselves as well
as water, earth, wind and fire
It is all a lesson,
in finding what is important
in life…!

Here are some tips for you;

Please kill the sharks at once, as you cut of the fens and tails, they suffer in the water when you cast them in again.

Let the lobsters in your restaurants be fewer in each tank, less stress and cleaner water.

Laugh and live!

What about joy?

How important is it
that you allow yourself to feel joy?!
It is an essential part of life!
Yes it is!
Maybe you look around you and what you see make you feel
worry, stress and not really at peace with yourself?
Well joy is your own personal sanctuary!
The joy I talk about lies within your own heart!
It is a part of you, very personal.
In the whole it is all about feeling content
with your life, no matter what happens outside of you.
Because within of you, there you have your personal heaven
where you find faith, hope, love and joy, a source that is forever!
Because you KNOW you ARE
a beloved part of everything
and you have a big family of love
and you are unique
and important
just as you are!

AA Michael; Starseeds seing the time 1:11

Archangel Michael is channeling through Kerstin Eriksson

Starseeds seeing 1.11

Yes, maybe you are seeing numbers whenever
you look at your clock or other places
for starseeds
and you are many
on this planet!
Yet not everyone has awakened yet!
You can google on this, there are many sites that
describes this thoroughly.

Now we are going to speak about seeing the time on your clock: 1.11

What does this mean?

Well seeing 1:11 says that you are a person that are a guide to others. That others come to you for answers. And also that you have more responsibility. You have a knowledge that is very big. And you don’t understand how this great knowledge ”landed” in you. That is because you are carrying, a library of knowledge, coming from your universal family, you are in coded with this. You ARE this. It is natural for you. Sometimes you see 11:11, and that is something else! Yes! It is another task. You all have different tasks. All equally important. Seeing 1:11 means you are a natural leader. Many times this is the last thing you can see in yourself. Because you dislike authority.  You are very sensitive and you understand things long before others even think about it. Many times it makes you feel alone.  You never try to earn money on your skills or brag about them.  You are a star seed –  that is – have grown into being a star teenager. No longer a star child. You have for sometime felt a standstill  like living in a bubble of vacuum. That is just the ticket! That is how it is meant to be. Everything has its meaning. Don’t worry. It means you are growing! YES! Just be! You are safe! Be happy! You are being carried. With love and understanding! You are a galactic worker. You do many different things in the universe. You are multitasked. It is natural for you. You find comfort in music, meditation and relaxing in nature. You need to be earthed and you work on this daily. You also say prayers each day as it is a natural bond with God and all the other creators, and your home Heaven.  At every full moon new assignment are given, to strengthen yourself, and you have a possibility to learn more about yourself, it is voluntary. The number 1:11, also means 3. And 3 means a triangular shape. You are a carrier of the three important life essential energies FAITH, HOPE AND LOVE.
Three energies that always work together in full symbiosis. Many often talk of LOVE with glittering eyes, that is good YES!  But what actually is necessary is the other 2, so it will LAST. Otherwise it will be an inbalance. Love is ETHER, AIR and FIRE. Faith is EARTH, Hope is WATER, but, it is complicated, they all have each other within, it is a holy sanctuary. As I said a co operation. They need each other to be complete and be whole. And the archangels Faith, Hope and Love, always work in a team. As angels always do, they complement each other. It is all about BALANCE. When balance there can be miracles…!
God bless you
/Aa Michael

For A healthy Life…make peace!

Everyday is a struggle,
in different ways.
There is no secret potion!
Just you and…
how good you are at making
within yourself…!
Peace is actually
always there.
Peace is always in your heart – 
Peace is a seed of love
and the seed awaits you.
It is always waiting for you
to awaken to its full potential.
You have it dear
all within,
in your heart!
The more peace 
you find
the more you will find a

All possibilities…!

As you walk on your path in life
you can see yourself as a tree!
Yes a tree, see for yourself;
your roots
your stem
your branches
your leaves
you are a system
that are living in the soil of Mother Earth
you get all you need from her
water and nourishment
then the sun gives you life also
and the moon!

You find yourself
a part of ALL
there is no separation…!

And so the tree and YOU;
Treat your roots with love
treat your stem with love
and also your branches 
and the more you love…
the more flowers and fruit
you will find…on YOU …

Your tree,
the roots; 
it is your origin, where you come from
the stem; it is you here and now
the branches is all your roads and paths
you walk on in life and all that you do…!

So…no matter how your tree looks now
LOVE is the answer…
and will give you many new