All possibilities…!

As you walk on your path in life
you can see yourself as a tree!
Yes a tree, see for yourself;
your roots
your stem
your branches
your leaves
you are a system
that are living in the soil of Mother Earth
you get all you need from her
water and nourishment
then the sun gives you life also
and the moon!

You find yourself
a part of ALL
there is no separation…!

And so the tree and YOU;
Treat your roots with love
treat your stem with love
and also your branches 
and the more you love…
the more flowers and fruit
you will find…on YOU …

Your tree,
the roots; 
it is your origin, where you come from
the stem; it is you here and now
the branches is all your roads and paths
you walk on in life and all that you do…!

So…no matter how your tree looks now
LOVE is the answer…
and will give you many new