Lunar Life High Intelligence!

Soon it will be a full moon!
The moon is very important to Earth.
Earth lives a cyclic life through the Moon.
The moon is like a THIRD Pole to Earth.
Women is cyclic too.
Female vibration goes through the whole universe!
MOTHER earth is
guiding each woman, as well as
and more…!
Lunar life is high intelligence!
Without this
woman would not bare children!

                                                                    Photo Sonja Moberg

Faith Healing Wounds

Faith is healing wounds!
Faith is a very special energy!
Faith is life essential, as we can say;
as important as the foundation to a house,
THAT important is FAITH
to YOU and to every living being!
The question is;
There is always a current
a flow of faith
and you need to be ”plugged in”
have you checked your connection recently dear?!

                                           Out in the forrest helps me getting ”plugged-in”!                                                  

                                                           (Photo Sonja Moberg)

Ezekiel; We are here!

I am Ezekiel,
I am here
and you are here
we are all here…!
There is no wall,
there is no separation…!
Call for us!
Yes you have to call for us!
It is the free will,
it is a law.
You have to take the first step dear!
The law, is UNIVERSAL
not even God goes against this law.
We want to walk with you 
we love you 
call on us