Sacral Chakra Singing Bowl

”sacred bone”,
It is concave, facing forward. (Picture borrowed from Google)!

                                               Singing bowl (picture borrowed from Google)

Sacral chakra (picture borrowed from Google)

When the wheel of life in our body, sacral chakra, spins with joy and love, we are very loving and creative, and we realize that sexuality is a divine and important energy, to handle with great care because it is a gift from the Great Mother! The holy bone, the sacrum bone is an actual bone in our bodies, is shaped like a bowl, for example like a singing bowl, that has the effect of eco! So let your loving energy spread and it will come back as a loving vibration and eco! A weakened sacral chakra, gives apathy, lack of energy, illnesses! All abuse towards sacral chakra can be healed! Have faith! 


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