Genesis – in the beginning!

In the beginning there was…
which has always been!
Light is knowledge,
eternal knowledge!
It comes from the source of the universe!
The source is eternal!
Love and light has always been..!
Don’t worry, be happy!
All is a lesson
in love
in faith
in hope!
The light is coming in
and awakens your DNA.
You all will evolve,
all living, will follow your planet!
You will access a library in your DNA
and you will find answers that
is your personal library of love and light!
You are unique
and your knowledge is also unique
as you have special universal origin.
And then there is your soul sign.
You all have a special soul sign as well as
you have an astrological sign, as you are probably well
acquainted with!
So there is a lot to learn,
very interesting…
or what do you think dear?!
/Archangel Michael

Saint Germain; Golden Globe!

Dear Beloveds!
Life is a mystery in many ways
and night and day can even be hard to deal with sometimes!
If you are a stone on a beach, the waves will make you
smother and more rounded for each wave!
It takes time…!
A lot of time!
Millions of years!
And millions of waves…!
And still, it is LOVE!
Time is love
and our best friend.
Time will guide us, show us the way!
And now time talks!
Time says;
it is time for the Golden Age!
And what is the Golden Age?
It is the time for peace and love
on this beautiful planet!
The Golden Age is about;
joy and playfulness in LIFE
for all!
All living beings hearts will beat
in the same rhythm!
It will be a beautiful beat,
love music!
And there will be a glow of gold
it really will be the glow of LOVE!
A beautiful beginning
for planet Earth
the Golden Globe,
and time is our best friend!