New times are here! Mother Earth in higher dimension!

As your planet Earth
rises in to the 5 th dimension
all that lives follows.
This is biological, physical
metaphysical, it is

over and over!

And do you know what?
Now they have understood
that it is impossible to stop!

And what does this mean?

What you see now, is the ripples on the water
because a stone was thrown into the water.

And now, no more stones will be thrown into the water
as soon as stillness comes
stillness will remain!

But the very last stone that was thrown in,
was a very big stone.

So it will take some time for the water to
be calm!

So, big waves are coming in,
but the storm is over.

So just rest in love and have faith!

The storm has already blown over,
now it is time to help each other, hold hands,
share friendship, love and compassion!

You might experience a feeling of
rocking, as if you are onboard a boat
at a stormy sea!

Just rest assured that the waves
will soon be calm, the sea,
will then be a sea of love!


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