Jesus Christ Sananda; Astrological signs expands in to soul signs!

You are familiar with your zodiac sign!
you know what I mean!

And now we take this one step further!

The signs you have here on Earth
are very important!

I talk of a complement!


It involves both what you have already, in the
astrological signs! And yet something
will be added,
your origin
your soul sign!

It is like finding missing peaces
of yourself!

You are a part of the universe!
You have ancestry in the universe!
You have family, roots in the universe!
You are YOU
there is no

This is a RE-union

Does this sound ”to big” to take in?
Well, you ARE BIG
a great being!

Everyone ARE!

Let me explain!

When you where born as a soul. Some created you! In the moment of great love!
You where born as flame at first. All souls are flames at first, for millions of years!
And there is also a twin. All souls that are born into flame, are always two. So two flames are always born, at exactly the same moment! Not copies! No! On the opposite! Yin and Yang! Counter parts! But you are immediately separated, in your birth moment! And you don’t see your other half for millions and millions of years!

And you are not meant to! You have a life as a soul and you develop through very long time! Time is LOVE! As you mature, you grow as a soul, you awaken more and more, to that something is missing from you! That is when you begin to seek for you other half! That is energy of life! This part of your souls search is a very natural moment, creating energy swirls! You seek for the complementary YOU! The other side of you! So you can be complete! This search is universal! It is LOVE!

And your ancestry? Several creators, CREATED you! These creators, are cheer energy of Love, Hope, Faith, Grace, Harmony, Music, Joy,  and more!
This is the end of chapter one, I will return and tell more, I love you!
/Jesus Christ Sananda

Archangel Faith; Endless love!

There is something called karma.
Just to make it simple
I would like to explain karma
as something that is formed like a labyrint.
When past meets the precent, it also includes 
a labyrint that is not only horizontal but also
In other words, karma could be explained as a 
curtain you never will be able to se through properly.
And what I am about to mention today is that
you can have faith in love
no matter of your karma.
Your karma may have this or that, and much more…!
But what do you have here and now?
At this very moment?
Yes, you already have it!
The endless lovedear!
Through every step that you have taken
no matter what life you live
you are loved without any restrictions
by God and all the other creators
and you are all equally loved!

Please have faith in endless love!

Archangel Michael; Old for new!

Yes old for new!
And how do I mean!?
Well I would like to say
that some old are
and therefore
this old I speak of
is also new
because it is
meaningful knowledge
So what about the
It is simply
from the very creation
and even earlier!
It is like this;
Love IS
Light IS
there is no beginning
and no end
do you follow me?!
I hope you do dear beloved
All you need to do is
to have FA I T H
All love to you//

Archangel Michael

Archangel Faith; Joy, your personal sanctuary!

What about joy?
How important is it
that you allow yourself to feel joy?!
It is an essential part of life!
Yes it is!
Maybe you look around you and what you see make you feel
worry, stress and not really at peace with yourself?
Well joy is your own personal sanctuary!
The joy I talk about lies within your own heart!
It is a part of you, very personal.
In the whole it is all about feeling content
with your life, no matter what happens outside of you.
Because within of you, there you have your personal heaven
where you find faith, hope, love and joy, a source that is forever!
Because you KNOW you ARE
a beloved part of everything
and you have a big family of love
and you are unique
and important

just as you are!
Archangel Faith

Rowena; I am the guardian of the temple of Isis!

I am Rowena!
I am what some would call a goddess!
I am a part of you!
I am like a mother to all!
I am omnipresent!
I am guardian of temple of Isis!
I am also a guardian of the feminine energy
on beloved earth!
If you need a mother
a shoulder to cry on
to rest, to heal
in safety
as you struggle with your life..
know I am always here for you!
Just call on me
dear child
I love you

Saint Germain; Golden Globe!

Dear Beloveds!
Life is a mystery in many ways
and night and day can even be hard to deal with sometimes!
If you are a stone on a beach, the waves will make you
smother and more rounded for each wave!
It takes time…!
A lot of time!
Millions of years!
And millions of waves…!
And still, it is LOVE!
Time is love
and our best friend.
Time will guide us, show us the way!
And now time talks!
Time says;
it is time for the Golden Age!
And what is the Golden Age?
It is the time for peace and love
on this beautiful planet!
The Golden Age is about;
joy and playfulness in LIFE
for all!
All living beings hearts will beat
in the same rhythm!
It will be a beautiful beat,
love music!
And there will be a glow of gold
it really will be the glow of LOVE!
A beautiful beginning
for planet Earth
the Golden Globe,
and time is our best friend!

Archangel Faith; A lesson in love!

Archangel Faith; 

A lesson in love!
”Hello there…
I am glad you hear me. I am not so far away. How far away do you think I am? I guess you think I am in heaven looking down at you, through some clouds.
It gives me great joy to tell you, I am where you are! And I have always been. I am an archangel. My mission is Faith. I am Faith.
There have never been any separation. Some say angels are only in heaven. And what does that idea result in? It captivates you. Makes you think there is a long distance. Makes you feel alone and afraid ?! And when someone make you afraid and alone, they are in POWER of you! Have you ever thought of that?
You are in fact free! Invisible chains, power over you, makes you walk in a certain direction. You become obedient, maybe even a slave? And everything, is a lesson! A lesson in love!
What do you want!?! And no matter what road you walk on. Even if you are a slave. Or free. I am there with you. And I have always been. We angels serve souls. We are where souls are, and many are on Earth. That is why we are on Earth. All angels are Gods helpers! God is all about love! Love is our lantern!
I hold you to my heart always. 
I love you!
// AA Faith