Knowing liberation, a heartful jail brake?!

Knowing liberation…!?
A view on imprisonment…!
What do I mean? What am I talking about? I am talking 
about limitation. Limits. Borders. Handcuffs…Chains. 
Blood. Sweat and tears. Life passes, another life comes. 
Never ending story. It seems. At first. Then what?! 
feeling of surroundment is always there.
But yet one day – a very ordinary day turns out to be very special – like an ametist glowing and glittering in sunlight just after the rain.
A sparkle of faith. A twinkle of freedom right in the heart and an outburst of belife – that freedom comes from within – straight from the heart. And from that moment on, that sacred event, turned it all around.
I was free. A free man at heart forever. From that day on a smile always was reciding secretly on my lips. As doors kept on being locked…! It didn´t matter so much. It was still blood, sweat and tears – but on the inside I was free as a bird.
Then thinking about imprisonment – maybe that is a way of really – knowing – loving- to be FREE? Knowing liberation? If you have not been without it? How can you really know and understand the meaning of peace and being free – if you have not been without it?!

Archangel Faith; Love is in the air!

 I love you! Do you know that!?! I always have and I always will! As you turn the pages in your life I walk beside you! And I really want you to feel that I am holding your hand! You are never alone! Can you feel the warmth of my hand?! 
I know what you are going through – always! For better for worse…! And I love you, just the way you are! 
Sometimes when your life is stormy or cold or you feel alone – you might think I am not there…but I am – waiting for you! I love you, I walk beside you – I am always there! Wanting you to believe in love, having faith in yourself, knowing in your heart that you are in fact a beautiful and wonderful being – a creation of God, a creation of love and light!
I am Archangel Faith and I serve you! I am forever imbedded in your heart as a seed, waiting for you to take a leap – in trusting and believing in the grateness of love and life…!
I am an Archangel, do you know what that means?! I am an angel that is simply older…and I have therefore more knowledge! There are a lot of different kinds of angels! We all have different tasks! We are all creations of love and light! Love is our lantern! We serve directly as Gods helpers! God is a creator. Amongst other creators! Love is the strongest energy in the universe, and soon also here on beautiful Mother Earth! The universe is a Free Will universe! As Mother Earth also is part of! God always love you as you are! God doesn´t say ”no-no don´t do this or that…”! Not even God has the right to break the free will law of the universe!

I am the mother of your planet Earth! And now I can´t hold back my tears anymore! Many of you tremble with fear as you live your life in a nonloving society. Fear is – in the plan – to make you numb! Fear is sometimes actually good to have…if you are walking in unknown terrain it is really good to suddenly feel – no I should not continue on this particular path, I take another direction now, and by changing course – you did not have to fall down a high cliff! That is when fear is good!
Love goes through everything…except one thing! FEAR! And why? Fear makes your heart collapse…but, not entirely, the seeds are still there  –  always there waiting for you…!! The seeds of Faith, Hope and Love and many more!!! Waiting for you to awaken! We love you, we have faith in you, hoping and praying for you, we are always there beside you, you are never alone! We always know what you are going through, and we miss you! If you wonder why the seeds always awaits in your heart – that is because when God and the other Creators, created you – they did it together with Faith, Hope and Love, as they are very strong energy channels- very important foundation stones of life – and therefore necessary ingredients to be able to create life…!
They are a natural part of you! You are – faith, hope, love, light, joy and more…IT IS YOU!
Love unites, fear separates…
You are all equally loved! In your own uniqueness! Know that you are NEEDED, LOVED!
Yours forever!
AA Faith

HOLY SPIRIT and love your breathing!

Inspiration time!

Well what do I have in mind?

Just breathe…
take your time
your guardian angel is always with you…
breath in love
breath out worries
breath in love
breath out ache
breath in love
breath out pain
breath in salvation
and remember
you have just forgot about it…
that is why
it is good to
…and so on!
God bless
and have
a good night!

In love
and devotion to you!

//AA Michael

Archangel Faith; Without each other we would be no one!

”You know me. I know you. Why do I say so?!
Without each other we would be no one.
And how do I mean?!
I will start by saying this;
I LOVE YOU, every minute, every breath you take…
I am always there with you, wanting to hold your hand.
And without you knowing it, you always carry a seed in your heart.
A seed of Faith, of me!
Through endless time, it still comes down to
And through every breath, every sunrise I beleive in you, 
love you
wanting and praying for you
to reach out, for my hand is waiting to hold yours!
And if your life is a struggle, with no beautiful sunrises…
You can be sure of that 
I see you. I feel you in every heartbeat.
Trust me. I know you.
The further apart you think we are…
…the closer I am to you.
I know every time you blink with your eyelids…!
No matter how dark it is, where you are
you still sparkle with light
you are a treasure of life
Beleive in yourself, have faith.
I am always there with you
willing to hold your hand!”


We are beyond, and yet reaching out for you, allt that matters is you!
It all comes down to love, hope and faith, within you!
It doesn´t matter who you are, round our square…!
No matter what roads you have walked, no matter how narrow
or steap, it is YOU, that matters!

You are so important! You are a loveseed, waiting for watering and also the sun, to be able to grow! That is when you really grow – from within! The meaning of life, is not about money! It is about growing within, a special kind of growth, that is endless, that is why God and the other creators, made this lovely planet – a place where we can learn to grow within.
And why? Is it easy? No! Can you order it, on tvshop? No! You cant buy this! It is free!
Is it painful? Yes sometimes it is! Is this somekind of game – a sick game? You might wonder? The answer is = No.

You come here to learn your soul, teach your soul, by doing! Learing by doing! You have to do it yourself! For YOU! It may seem like a hell? Well it can surely be the opposite of Gods heaven, your eternal home, where LOVE IS! And why is it even necessary to go to Earth to be hurt?! 
Let´s just stay in heaven for good! That is just the thing! You wanted to come here, and learn! To make you soul grow! You made this choice – before- while you where in heaven! And you can not remember it! No one does!

In heaven you have FAITH, that what ever happens on Earth, you will always come back to heaven and God and all of you loved ones! As a lovebeing, living in heaven, there are no problems! You have faith in God and love!  Something made you think, well I would really like to learn more about, for exampel, courage and hope! So you made a decision! 
So you took the leap, to go, to school, on Mother Earth! The desire within to learn your soul, is always expanding! Like the universe is constantly expanding! It is energy! There is always something new to learn! And so we go to the perfect school – Mother Earth!

Some say, that when you leave your body to go back home to heaven – you can not bring anything with you. No clothes, no furniture, no money, no items at all! But you bring one thing – your soul and what it has learned during your visit! 

Love matters, Love is, Love is the strongest energy in universe, Love is eternal! Please have faith in that!

And you are so loved not matter…what happens! God does not judge you! YOU are your own biggest judger! This universe is a free will universe! It is up to YOU! It is YOUR choise! God has no right to judge you! You might think, but I dont have any choise…and sometimes in our life, the choises might seem very small, but still, it is YOUR choose!

God says prayers for you each day! God lights the light for you every day! God loves you totally! God pray for that you will follow your heart, beleive in you dreams! That you will have faith and hope in LOVE! And no matter, they are always embedded in your heart as seeds waiting…!
Your always in my heart
Archangel Faith

You are so important!

Love is all around you! 
It is about the ”know how” ! 
There is abysses and heights and plain ground! 
It is all within – of you!
And that is how it is! 
You are multitude! 
You are a juvel of a crown. 
And the crown is your mother, Mother Earth! 
She has everything! 
And you are a beloved part of that! 
You are so important! 
You are loved! 
There is a task for everyone of you! 
A love task! 
A mission of beyond and yet here and now! 
You are the torch carrier. 
What do I mean? 
You have a peace mission! 
A love mission! 
When you hold the torch others can see the road that is available – where to go! 
Are you willing to hold the torch?! 
Good question! Think about it! 
And if you answer is YES, then God will show you the way! 
Never doubt that! 
God loves you all!

To say the words; ”I AM SORRY”!

A bridge of grace and love,

To say the words ”I AM SORRY” and asking for forgiveness is a lesson in love…!

..and it makes you grow. 

It makes your soul grow and mature. 
And what happens if your apology is not accepted?! 
Did you apologize for nothing? What do you think? 
Think about it for a while! 
The answer my dear belowed friend is that, you are blessed! 
You are blessed with a seed of grace. 
And this seed turns into a bridge. 
A bridge of love and grace. 
And, your bridge, is an invite. 
You are welcome! 
The bridge is there. 
Because it is a bridge of grace and love!
God bless you!

Peace comes from within your heart!

Road to peace!

Hi there I am Michael,
I have something to say
about peace!
Peace comes from within
your heart.
The will
to live in a world of peace
comes directly from your heart
it is the voice of God
making you choose
the act of peace.
It is not the weapon or gun
itself that pulls the trigger.
It is a determined mind.
The doorway to God is
~ your heart!

Always in
love and devotion
/Michael (Archangel)

The deepest sorrow!

When you feel the deepest sorrow…
it is not the end
life goes on
just in different shades.
It is not just the same color
you are used to
it is another one!
So when you feel the deepest sorrow
hold your head up
as high as you can
and remember that your heart
remains the same!
Your heart needs time
a loving time
and a new shade and
a new color will
be born
within your
beloved heart!

Channeling; Sananda; It is all about love!

No matter how far you go,
no matter how deep
you enter a dark path, where there are no light,
no matter how long, or steep or narrow
your path is
there is only one thing
that saves you…
Love is the only thing that saves you
from being blind in the dark.
Love is a sanctuary where you find light!
Love is a falling rain in the desert!
Love is a beam of sunlight on a cloudy day!
Maybe this seem very ”easy” for you!?
Like a too natural answer…and you might make a little sigh..?!
And yet, don’t forget
LOVE is the strongest energy
Love is actually extremely natural!
It is the very absence that is unnatural!
Here on this planet the absence of love is the ”natural” way…!?
Yes you think immediately, and you are right!
The negativity is cracking up, it can’t hold back, the love ray
from universe is coming in, strong…! Very strong!
The dark lords are fighting now, the end battle!
They know!
They know their time is short.
So what do they do?
They put on a big show!
Yes, they do their best to scare you!
And make you fall into slumber once again!
Just hold on beloved friend!
I love you!
There are many in the universe that love you,
we know what you are going through!
Just hold on
and have faith in LOVE….!