Lanello; Rejuvenating for your third eye!

So, I will begin by saying
I am Lanello!
I am in the etheric plane!
I reside in Shamballa!
I see you and I know
some of you are interested
in knowing more about your third eye!
Your third eye is a very special part of your body!
First; you can use your third eye to check you entire body!
Decide what part you are interested in, and just go there!
And you will be shown that particular part!
The third eye is like you own camera!
The third eye is in contact with all other chakras
and therefore also have many different tasks!
The camera is only one!
Now I am only talking about the ”camera”
as it is an eye, that you can look within and outside yourself!
All cameras needs a lens cleaning, now and then!
So, and how do you clean your third eye!?
Drink water!
drink the water
with care
and gentleness
and gratitude!
Bless the water
before you drink it!
And need I say as a complementary
to cleaning your third eye and the
no drugs, no nicotine
no coffein,
clean food, healthy food
Love your food
love your water!
Bless, bless and bless
and your third eye
as well as your entire body,
will function better and better,
and you will soon see more
through your ”camera”….!

Archangel Uriel; New times ahead!

I am archangel Uriel,
I love you
and I always have!
Do you know
what is about to happen?!
Well I will say,
new opportunities
and new times!
And what am I talking about?!
Days goes by, and nights follows
sunsets and sunrises,
moon and sun
and EARTH.
What I am talking about is
It cannot be changed!
Step by step
breath by breath
you will be able to feel
a difference!
Yes you can feel it!
It is another WIBE!
A positive wibe,
no matter what goes on around you,
if you look within YOU,
You can feel the new wibe
that alters everything!
It is about letting go,
of all the old,
that is not of interest anymore.
It is about following your heart!
Your heart has an intelligence
believe it or not, but so it is!
Trust your hearts intelligence,
and relay on it!
It is beautiful!
You will feel beautiful,
more and more each day!
Earlier, obvious choices, that used to be
are no more.
Now you follow your
hearts intelligence and you will find
a new meaningful road,
the heart road!
The heart road will give meaning to your
lifepath here on Terra.
Like rowing a boat
and you don’t have to row with one oar any more,
you now have both oars, finally!
So dear, beloved friend
You are so blessed
Just have faith
in your heart!