You are so important!

Love is all around you! 
It is about the ”know how” ! 
There is abysses and heights and plain ground! 
It is all within – of you!
And that is how it is! 
You are multitude! 
You are a juvel of a crown. 
And the crown is your mother, Mother Earth! 
She has everything! 
And you are a beloved part of that! 
You are so important! 
You are loved! 
There is a task for everyone of you! 
A love task! 
A mission of beyond and yet here and now! 
You are the torch carrier. 
What do I mean? 
You have a peace mission! 
A love mission! 
When you hold the torch others can see the road that is available – where to go! 
Are you willing to hold the torch?! 
Good question! Think about it! 
And if you answer is YES, then God will show you the way! 
Never doubt that! 
God loves you all!


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