Sanskrit is a holy language.
The words are a dynamo of love energy.
The language where created with pure love energy
and therefore the pronunciations of every word are
love and healing just to say through your mouth, tounge
and your talking area.
Even just to say the words to yourself
in silence are also healing!
The language where created in a valley of flowers a long time ago.
A very remote place in the high mountains in the Himalaya.
And the language stayed there, being safe, in the mountains
for many years, and the love energy in the language grew stronger
for each day!
And then it began to spread, with moving feet! Feet brought
the language along the blossoming trails at spring time
and reached other lands. And the words with love
met a broader horizon! And more mouths and vocal cords
learned the love language and could feel its healing
It is a love vibration, if you like, and in the origin,
the words where created among lovers
in a blossoming valley
where peace and love
still resides!


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