AMERICAN actress talks about the perspective on beauty!


As it happens I got a ”line”/connection to an actress, that lived many years ago, that left this physical world in 1987!

She was an american actress and she was very beautiful, and most celebrated, very famous!
Many women and men adored her for her acting and beauty!
I will not say her name, because I don’t think it is necessary
and I also want to pay respect to her children and family!

So I asked her;
So Mrs XX;

What about beauty today, do you have any beauty tips for us girls?! (bah I am not so young I am born in 1967)

Mrs XX answers;

It is very personal, everyone have her their own personal need and unique beauty!
And I want to say;
LOOK WITHIN and make sure you really FEEL beautiful!
Get to know your own beauty from the inside and out!
Appreciate yourself always and don’t be anybody’s doormat!
Girls today can be very beautiful and they just need a self confidence!
Put your make up on FOR YOU dear woman (and perhaps man)!

Question; So you think we all should move from the outside to the inside, somehow!?

Mrs XX;

Yes I really think it is about the perspective, on how you view yourself! If you agree to view yourself
from another persons eyes, or if you view yourself from within with trust and a
beliefe in yourself. It is a difference! A great difference!

If you have true faith in yourself you actually radiate very beautiful colors of life and love!

Many people can feel it and a few people can actually see it with physical eyes!

Feeling good about yourself is the greatest beauty tip ever, don’t you think?!

It is a challenge today for many women to be able to been noticed for their unique skills and not only their beauty!

So what I say now to you dear woman is;
have faith in yourself,
I repeat it, yes!
It can’t be said to many times!


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