SHE KNOWS! She is round!

Altitude and Latitude.
North, south
east, and west.
All the way around.
SHE is round.
She is your mother.
She knows you
she knows about all her children.
She walks beside you, always.
She knows about your troubles
and worries.
She also knows when you are happy.
She is a mastermind.
She is not stupid.
She is wise.
She has the greatest gifts to
the human race, still to be
She waits
for you to feel her,
she waits for you to
hear her heartbeat.
Then you will learn
the new way to live
on her!
In peace and love
and with the new gifts
for humanity!

Picture borrowed from Google!

The new school, the new era!

New times
new school
a new era!
The future is here!
And new energies!
It is a flow
like a river.
The flow is really
Yes it is
the divine and eternal
knowledge and
knowhow about
how the universe
functions and works.
Essential knowledge
for you on planet Earth.
You all have the knowledge
within your awakened DNA.
The thing, that might be a problem for you
is that you want and need to access it.
And you might not know exactly how.
It is energy, that needs grounding.
So ground yourself, live stress free
eat healthy, drink clean water
and realize that
you are already there.
You already have it.
You don’t need to go anywhere
just have faith
in divine guidance
that is your birth right.
God bless you!

Celestine report!

God bless you!

You are loved!
You are a dear child of the Universe!
Earlier we talked about the stone, the big stone
that was thrown into the water.
And this big stone now creates big waves.
We say, just sit still in the boat!
Waves will rock the boat for some time.
You needn’t worry, unless you want to,
it is up to you, to choose
peace and love.
The movement of
peace and love
are very strong
and is taking bigger steps
each day.
If you think the boat rocks to much
don’t forget to close your eyes,
and look within of you –
where your safe heaven rests assured.
Heaven is within of you
just have faith
in you
and your heart!
Love is forever
dearly beloved child!

Aventurin and Astro check!

So what about the aventurin stone?!

It helps you remember and recall, what is important to you!
It helps you figure out your foundation stones – what they are made of!
The stone itself are a good grounder, it will help you to be
sincere about your job here on earth!
You are a dear lightworker
and so very important to us
as we are the crew in heaven,  and we are also in more places.

The energies for this path towards the next full moon, I don’t mean the coming
full moon, but the one that comes in next month, are making you feel a little blurry, and out of focus.
This is a matter of the stars constellation at this moment and might make you feel
week, and maybe disorientated.

This stone, Aventurine, will help make you ”sharp” again, and focused! This stone will help you go through what you need to go through to be STRONGER! Ware it for a longer period!

                                                           Aventurine (green)
This picture is from the internet page