Aventurin and Astro check!

So what about the aventurin stone?!

It helps you remember and recall, what is important to you!
It helps you figure out your foundation stones – what they are made of!
The stone itself are a good grounder, it will help you to be
sincere about your job here on earth!
You are a dear lightworker
and so very important to us
as we are the crew in heaven,  and we are also in more places.

The energies for this path towards the next full moon, I don’t mean the coming
full moon, but the one that comes in next month, are making you feel a little blurry, and out of focus.
This is a matter of the stars constellation at this moment and might make you feel
week, and maybe disorientated.

This stone, Aventurine, will help make you ”sharp” again, and focused! This stone will help you go through what you need to go through to be STRONGER! Ware it for a longer period!

                                                           Aventurine (green)

This picture is from the internet page http://www.alternativmedicin.se