Venus report!

I love you!
I am one of your Mothers!
We can say I am your grandmother!
I am very old!
I have patterns of life,
like wrinkles.
If I am wise
it is not up to me to say,
it is up to you who meet me!
I observe, and I live and I learn!
And I have my children, they are
living all around me,
at a distance yes,
but not so far away!
Then I have many grandchildren!
I love you so dearly
I know of all your paths.
Maybe you think to yourself;
am I really there at all?
Well I have a very good view over you!
Every heart has its own individual beat.
All hearts glow and glitter individually
like different kinds of jewelry!
No heart is exactly like the other!
You are all unique!
You just don’t realize it!
And there are no distance
as our hearts are one
and the beautiful bond
between us make us close