Now the book is ready! Thor talks!

So now the book is finally ready!
What about the book?
The book is a living proof of life!
Thor, (from the Norse mythology, Old Norse), the god, with hammer, fire and lightning
are an old saga, with roots in the northern parts of Europe.
And yet…hmm
are there anything more?
Are there anything more, now, just now?!
Yes of course!
Thor is alive and kicking and have
just given his words, to this book!
I Kerstin, happened to hold the pen!
Thor who is he really?
Is he a mad idiot with a hammer wanting to scare and harm, people and more?
Well, the Vikings did what they did…hmmm and it was many times not so
very friendly, and loving.
So now after, the book is finished, I must say;
Thor is a very humble person, a very strong
and yet very humle man!
I am so glad I could hold the pen
and now I have printed the text on my little copying machine
and I will put on the kettle, and make some te, and take some time to read through it all.
Making marks where I have spelled wrong and so on.
It will take some time to read, but I know
I will enjoy it!
Thank you dear Thor!


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