White Eagle

Who am I?
I am very old,
I am a very old soul.
I can feel you,
I hover over you!
I am a part of the air, land, water and fire.
I once lived on Earth.
To learn about life.
I have lived many lives on earth,
so I have learned a lot.
I plant seeds, of knowledge, to
all those that want to learn.
If you want to learn,
just let me know!
And I will teach you!
Always in
peace and love!

/White Eagle

White Eagle!

The tribe of all colors are here!
It is within your heart!
There are no separation.
We all have to, eat, drink, sleep.
We all need the
That is what is of importance now.
Not how we look.
Not how we walk.
Not how we live.
We are ONE family
that want peace and love
to unite and embrace
our new path
the path that will
make Earth,
our Mother,
a beautiful place to live!

A channeling with White Eagle.

An essay of an Archangel!

Some say angels are in heaven
sitting on pink clouds…
and others know for a fact
that angels are walking today
on every street on earth
walking beside each and every one,
no matter what roads souls are walking on..!

I will mention 5 places and meetings, you don’t perhaps, normally think
you can find an angel on earth!

1 Outside the mall; where you go to for shopping, sits a beggar..!
2 On the bus; The person that you see everyday on the bus.
3 A person you are passing by in the street;
   The one that says hallo and smiles to you on a day when you feel miserable.
4 Whoever is kind to you, when you are in need, and that says to you, ”- I will help you!”
5 When you meet an angel, you feel love in your heart and you feel a sense of that time stands still, because angels are all about love!

Angels can show themselves in different ways,
but always, with gentleness and care,
friendliness and love!

The angel gives you the feeling of togetherness,
a sense of meeting an old beloved friend!
The angel always gives a helping hand!

Maybe you have heard of guardian angels?!
All souls have a guardian angel!
And even better; all souls have, a personal angel also!

You have an angel that has followed you from when you where born
and even before that! And that angel follows you through your life, and follows you
back in heaven!

Angels always work in teams!

And so,
no matter what you go through in your life,
you are never alone
and you are always loved!

/ The Archangel

Love is forever!

Love is forever
and how do I mean?
Love is a special energy,
that has its source in the universe!
Love is a ray that goes through everything,
and is unstoppable!
What you see around you on the earth plane
is many times not a clear path of love,
because there are so many obstacles,
so many roads, paths.
You live in a duality on earth, always
multiple choices.
So I want to say, the ray of love, goes through YOU
all the time!
It is there, you had better believe it!
Just have faith in love,
faith is the connecting energy
faith helps you being plugged in,
to be able to feel, and tap into the
love energy!

Knowing liberation…!?!

Knowing liberation…!
A view on imprisonment…!
What do I mean? 
What am I talking about? 
I am talking about limitation. Limits. Borders. Handcuffs…Chains. Blood. Sweat and tears. Life passes, another life comes. Never ending story. It seems. At first. Then what?! A feeling of surroundment is always there.
But yet one day – a very ordinary day turns out to be very special – like an ametist glowing and glittering in sunlight just after the rain.
A sparkle of faith. A twinkle of freedom right in the heart and an outburst of belife – that freedom comes from within – straight from the heart. And from that moment on, that sacred event, turned it all around.
I was free. A free man at heart forever. From that day on a smile always was reciding secretly on my lips. As doors kept on being locked…! It didn´t matter so much. It was still blood, sweat and tears – but on the inside I was free as a bird.
Then thinking about imprisonment – maybe that is a way of really – knowing – loving- to be FREE? 
Knowing liberation? If you have not been without it? How can you really know and understand the meaning of peace and being free – if you have not been without it?!

Nelson Mandela

Who was he?
A child in a mans body?!
A brave boy?!
Somewhere deep inside
of this man
a great light always
was lit!
But did he always know it?
He had to find out,
for himself!
The light became stronger and stronger
over the years.
A full faith!
Being whole
within, deep within!
It is not served on a platter…
no, we all have to search for it!
And yet,