An essay of an Archangel!

Some say angels are in heaven
sitting on pink clouds…
and others know for a fact
that angels are walking today
on every street on earth
walking beside each and every one,
no matter what roads souls are walking on..!

I will mention 5 places and meetings, you don’t perhaps, normally think
you can find an angel on earth!

1 Outside the mall; where you go to for shopping, sits a beggar..!
2 On the bus; The person that you see everyday on the bus.
3 A person you are passing by in the street;
   The one that says hallo and smiles to you on a day when you feel miserable.
4 Whoever is kind to you, when you are in need, and that says to you, ”- I will help you!”
5 When you meet an angel, you feel love in your heart and you feel a sense of that time stands still, because angels are all about love!

Angels can show themselves in different ways,
but always, with gentleness and care,
friendliness and love!

The angel gives you the feeling of togetherness,
a sense of meeting an old beloved friend!
The angel always gives a helping hand!

Maybe you have heard of guardian angels?!
All souls have a guardian angel!
And even better; all souls have, a personal angel also!

You have an angel that has followed you from when you where born
and even before that! And that angel follows you through your life, and follows you
back in heaven!

Angels always work in teams!

And so,
no matter what you go through in your life,
you are never alone
and you are always loved!

/ The Archangel