The legend; To all the brave hearts in this cycle of life!

This cycle of life is very special!
Why is it so very special?
This particular time is a legend!
The legend talks for itself!
The legend says that
what is down will come up,
and what is up will come down…!
This time is a complete turnover!
Some would say it is the end of things…
as they have become very used to certain things.
What has to tumble down, what is that really?
Well, whatever that is not made of LOVE!
Everything that is not built with love
will fall!
And on the opposite
all that is love
will grow and rise and be very tall and beautiful!
So every little seed of grass,
and every straw of grass
will grow and get stronger
for every day!
This is a new era, well spoken about
for eons of times, just as I said, this time is a legend!
And I will also say that
hearts are mending everything,
your love heals everything
just have faith
in yourself
and in your heart
and in your love
and know dear beloved
that you are deeply loved always!