Archangel Michael; You hold the light!

I am archangel Michael,
and I will talk about
a very important matter
that is highly relevant in this new era!
As you walk about and do your beautiful things,
there are some things that you have not payed your full
attention to!
And with this I mean;
You hold the light!
Night as well as daytime!
24 hours and 7 days a week!
And this might seem like something
you are already well acquainted with, perhaps,
but I want to really emphasize that
I hope you know how important you are
and wherever you go, wherever you BREATHE
and wherever your heart beats, you hold the light!
It might seem like a silly thing for me to tell you,
as you are a lightworker and you are already aware of this
but you have actually no idea what I really mean!
It has to do with your own awareness, your own vision on how
important you are!
You are carrying YOUR light, that is very unique
and that this planet need a lot!
The more aware you are, the more your light glows
in the dark!
You make light patterns wherever you go!
So the more you really know about your own
uniqueness, the more aware you are of yourself
and your own special purpose here on Earth
the more your unique light will shine!
Many are waiting for your light,
as they are about to awaken!
You as a lightworker has been on this planet many times,
and this time is no difference, you know it is a job, a work, that always
need a soulful and loving devotion, to unfold itself like a
beautiful rose, waiting to blossom fully in all its beauty!
So dear friend, keep on living, loving and taking
yourself seriously because
you hold the precious light!


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