Saint Germain; Precious love!

Over the hills and far away,

and yet very close, 
I am Saint Germain and I serve you!
We love you and we always walk beside you, 
even in your loneliest days.
You might feel that there are 
turbulent days and nights
and you can feel vibrations and 
energy that does not always feel 
totally comfortable to you!
It has to do with shedding,
it is actually a balancing act!
Through this chaos, clarity will come!
It is like Phoenix the bird, a rebirth 
that is taking place! 
Love will prevail, have faith in that!
Be focused, on gratefulness, and true hearts joy and
you will balance yourself easier! 
Never think for a moment that you are alone,
we walk beside you! 
We know it is pivotal times
and you are the ones that walk before us doing
more work than you can ever imagine!
You are making Mother Earth a more loving place to be
at this moment, and her ascension as well as every living beings walk
towards a higher dimension, is a work you are very well acquainted with!
You are doing it! You are doing this work as a lightworker and you are
so precious to us, you do this work with love from the core of your heart,
and we love you, dear precious!


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