White Eagle, The Magical gathering will lift you up on your feet!

Early in the morning the mist is dancing over the fields, and the sun is rising slowly, and yet the secrets of the night still is breathing over the landscape.
Eyes are being opened, more and more as the sun is shining with warmth, and the light is making everything that you see becoming more clear. Soon, the shadows, are just a memory, that belonged to the heartbeats in the dark, something necessary and much of a puzzle. It is easier to see when the light has come in, as it is meant to do. No one can stop the light from coming in.  All the shadows must choose now, for the wind has changed.

The seeds have been waiting for a long time, a very long time. And you can be sure that they have been waiting for a good reason.  All this time in the dark, have made them so strong, they have learned everything there is to learn. And they are not afraid of anything. They know, that this time was coming, when the light was to return, after eons of times in the dark.  They just didn’t know exactly when, but they have sensed it, for a long time. The seeds are extremely competent, in their own unique fields of expertise.

So the mist that dances, is a sight you have been waiting for, as it is the wake up call, that the time has finally come. All that need settling will be settled. It is time for the true voices to be heard. The bow has finally found the right arrow. This arrow does not kill,  this arrow brings truth and the end to ignorance. This arrow brings joy and will mark out for you that your family loves you and needs you! You have this voice, and you await the voices of your ancestors that is also here, waiting proud, with eyes open, waiting for you, and your seed, as every breath makes you grow.

So be proud, of you, and your voice, and your seed is much awaited and loved, and the magical gathering, will lift you up on your feet, as you have not yet walked before only crawled.

Wednesday 22 February 2017
© Kerstin Eriksson – Archangel Faith

Aikido, the way to walk…?!!

I will talk about, AIKIDO, as it is a way of life!
I guess you know a lot of KI already!
Yes ki, is the energy, that flows through you and everything
and is surrounding you at all times.
Then there is, AI, unifying, first yourself, with care
and love, and then you can work together easily with others.
And then there is DO, that is the path that you, then, choose, to
walk, when you have gathered, unified, yourself, and your energy!
It is a process, to work with your inner life, garden, in the first stages,
in finding out, all there is to know about yourself, so you are perfectly
in coherence, with yourself. And it starts with you closing your eyes!
The first steps, to living the Aikido way, is with closed eyes.
You need not see, for now, you will feel, and use other senses.
Your eyes does not always do you so much good. They tell you long stories.
And you are busy doing other things! The path to Aikido, is actually a very interesting
path, because, you will love, each step on the way. You do not only wish to be complete and ready,
fully trained, you need to actually love every step that you take. Every step, is valuable, without the steps, you will not get there…! You will know the AIKIDO way of living, when you also LOVE each step of your life, and you cherish all that is you, then you can start training yourself, without seeing…! The key to your inner garden goes through your heart, and with it you can begin to really open up, and unfold yourself as the beautiful flower you are! So I say Aikido, is a way to walk in life, as there are many ways to walk, many choices, that lies before you. The Aikido way is the true way to walk as you must work with your heart, always!

Sirius talks about Beluga, white whale!

I am Sirius
I am Beluga
I am Ocean
I am Water
and you my dear friend
are Water
are Earth
are Air
are Sun.
Well, we are much a part of the very same,
that we call LIFE,
we are here
in the oceans
and we know you.
We know more than you can ever believe,
at night we look at the same stars as you do, 
and yet we know about our connection, with
Sirius, we know we have come down, to learn
how to be, and live, in the oceans of Earth.
It has been a great lesson for us and we still learn
very much. The first lesson that we learned is that
in the beginning we did not even notice the water.
Water was so natural for us, so we did not even 
know about it until a little bit later. And this was a very long
time ago! What I try to say is that you live in air, ether, and
this is a very important environmental aspect, that some of you
have not yet grasped, the essence of, as it affects you in many ways.
Air, ether, is a living being, as some of you call holy spirit! And what I will say
about this is, how you go about in your lifestyles, without loving your breath.
As you begin, to love your breath, every little breath, that is when you fully
acknowledge, your air, ether, as a loving friend, because you can not live
on land without loving your element, air, that you breathe, every single day of your
life. It is the same, that we, the Cetaceans, did ourselves in the very beginning…and the
insight, the inner knowledge, is awakening more and more as your DNA is awakening
according to the light that is coming in to your planet now. We think your religions have confused  you.
The holy spirit, is not meant for a priest, or for some especially chosen person. The breath is actually something that makes whole. It is very healing to love the breathing, because it makes you complete!
It is meant for all of you! You are all in it! And we, the Cetaceans, we are all in the water! No one is excluded! So I say, dear friend, love your breath, as it it your best friend!

Jesus Christ Sananda; When loving each breath, love is all!

Remain in the wonder of love!
I salut you, dear beloved child of Earth,
you are making an impact wherever you go,
in the name of love! The patterns are awaited
and very beautiful! When you breathe, with love,
your breath becomes the holy spirit, and this we see, from far
and very near! When you love each breath you take, that
is when you make the very most, in the name of love,
even if you are alone, in as you think, in a remote place.
By loving yourself, and loving each breath,
as a loving dear friend,
you open up to the universal heartbeat of love, as you share
with so many souls! Actually you are never alone, the universal
breath of love, is a pattern, that reaches very far out from your planet!
Loving each breath is the power of love and
is very simple to do, so I say,

Archangel Michael; Ready to go!

Dear friends,
you have walked along a special road.
You, yourself are very special!
You know you are unique,
and you have in your lightworker
mission, walked the most odd roads
to learn, to spread light
where there are little or no light.
It has been no dance on roses!
And yet your heart, that is divine, a long
with all of you, can do no other thing!
It is more than a mission, it is YOU!
YOU ARE LIGHT. And you feel in the
core of all that is you, that you can never
stop this mission. And now there is a new road
appearing, that has never been before!
And what am I talking about?
I am talking about, recognition!
The new road is all about you
recognizing YOU, for now you can
see all the colors, within the light!
In the light, you now can see all the colors of the
rainbow! And each color, is representing all the
brothers and sisters that are light workers too!
You can see more clearly, who they are!
And together with them you build even stronger
light. Now it is time to build, together, with the rays
that ARE light. You will build teams, and work together,
in different constellations. You might have felt alone as being
a lightworker, even though you have met others, and felt them as a
family, and yet, you have felt at times as a ”lone wolf”. And this is actually
for your own education, to observe and learn. Now this new road is all about
interaction! No more lone wolf! You are fully learned now! You will find your lightworker
friends to work together with now, they will appear, more and more clearly.
It is all about peace on earth, and it is all about love on your beloved planet!
So the new road lies before you, and we the archangels, are standing with you
always guiding you on your new path, and we are ready to go together with you,
whenever you are ready!
Always together with Faith, Hope and Love,
blessings to you,
Archangel Michael

Koi have wings! The power of transformation!

The power of transformation!

In the sea of silence
you hear very little.
And you need not hear
for here you are!
Like a paradise
like a womb
you are safe!
Then one day
you are ready.
This day, is the day
when you feel
that you are
ready for the next step.
You are ready for the step
to go beyond,
to let go,
to go where
only your imagination
has taken you before.
And you take a deep breath
for the first time
and you breathe,
and you notice
that on both sides of your body
now there is a pair of wings.
And with the first breath, the wings
are unfolded, and they immediately
start to make you fly!
And you look down
and you see the sea of silence
that you love, and always will love 
for it has
 carried you
for eons of time
and you say to yourself
you will return to always remember
where you came from.
(Borrowed picture from Google, Pond & Koi Foods)

Channeling with God; I am and you are love!

I am God, and I am.
You are, because, you are love!
You are love, because you are made, with love,
you are a creation of love!
Once upon a time,
very long time ago,
I and several other creators
had a meeting!
We talked and shared
a beautiful idea that we would like
to create something very beautiful!
And my friends that created together with me
are, faith, hope, love, joy, gratitude and more
positive creators! So we got started and we
created something very beautiful, and the joy was great!
The creation was a process, that has taken very much time!
And when you look upon time as, a dear friend, a very dear loving friend
you might feel in your heart that, all is well!
And love, the very energy that amongst the other positive energies, is one energy that you should take into consideration, as you ARE CREATED with this energy, so dear beloved child, never forget
that you are a big part of love, and you always will be!

Sananda; Envision Love

Have your mind set on love!
I am Sananda, and I will talk about, how you manifest love!
When you have your mind set on LOVE, you manifest love!
All is energy!
Every little thought!
Every feeling is energy in different patterns, colors and rhythms.
So you then understand, automatically, that the more you are, dear beloved brothers and sisters , the more you are, who is feeling good, and feeling true
hearts joy, the more, you are about to manifest,  love, as a creation!
Just as when you say a prayer, from your beloved heart, you manifest good loving magical things to happen!  So I say envision LOVE, as it is the natural thing to do, just as it is natural to
embrace gratitude, and loving each breath that you take
as you are a beloved part of me, my dear brothers and sisters!

Mary Magdalene; Walk hand in hand with Mother Earth!

I am Mary Magdalene and I will say
that I am very old! I am an old soul that
has seen many things, and my knowledge
says;  Always walk hand in hand with Mother Earth!
Earth is your Mother, no matter how you look, or where
you are from, a city or the country!
It all starts with her, and it comes down to her at all times!
If you are about to start an enterprise, ask yourself, what would
Mother Earth think and feel about this? Is this product that you would
like to produce and sell, is that something that does not hurt
Mother Earth in any way!? Mother Earth welcomes your new
inventions, and even more so she welcomes when you have thought
your product through totally! Mother Earth welcomes you as you are
making your product environmentally friendly, all the way,
up to when it is thrown in the bin, as it then is recyclable!
There is great joy, in finding you in your processes, in
wanting to create new good products, that is making a positive
change for human life on your beautiful planet!
Mother Earth is a great garden and she loves when you
make an effort to not hurt her, she appreciates when you feel in your hearts that is is of great importance not to disturb the natural flows of life. For every heart that awakens to the very fact
that your Mother needs a lot of tender love and care, the closer you get to be able to
walk in a paradise! So she is about to make a loving statement
about those who cares with their hearts, in this process,
and she will premier, give bonuses to them! She knows!
She is very intelligent! She is very old! She is the wisest of all!
Embrace her and love her, as she embraces you and loves you
as you walk hand in hand with her in her beautiful green grass!