Channeling with God; I am and you are love!

I am God, and I am.
You are, because, you are love!
You are love, because you are made, with love,
you are a creation of love!
Once upon a time,
very long time ago,
I and several other creators
had a meeting!
We talked and shared
a beautiful idea that we would like
to create something very beautiful!
And my friends that created together with me
are, faith, hope, love, joy, gratitude and more
positive creators! So we got started and we
created something very beautiful, and the joy was great!
The creation was a process, that has taken very much time!
And when you look upon time as, a dear friend, a very dear loving friend
you might feel in your heart that, all is well!
And love, the very energy that amongst the other positive energies, is one energy that you should take into consideration, as you ARE CREATED with this energy, so dear beloved child, never forget
that you are a big part of love, and you always will be!