Koi have wings! The power of transformation!

The power of transformation!

In the sea of silence
you hear very little.
And you need not hear
for here you are!
Like a paradise
like a womb
you are safe!
Then one day
you are ready.
This day, is the day
when you feel
that you are
ready for the next step.
You are ready for the step
to go beyond,
to let go,
to go where
only your imagination
has taken you before.
And you take a deep breath
for the first time
and you breathe,
and you notice
that on both sides of your body
now there is a pair of wings.
And with the first breath, the wings
are unfolded, and they immediately
start to make you fly!
And you look down
and you see the sea of silence
that you love, and always will love 
for it has
 carried you
for eons of time
and you say to yourself
you will return to always remember
where you came from.
(Borrowed picture from Google, Pond & Koi Foods)