Jesus Christ Sananda; When loving each breath, love is all!

Remain in the wonder of love!
I salut you, dear beloved child of Earth,
you are making an impact wherever you go,
in the name of love! The patterns are awaited
and very beautiful! When you breathe, with love,
your breath becomes the holy spirit, and this we see, from far
and very near! When you love each breath you take, that
is when you make the very most, in the name of love,
even if you are alone, in as you think, in a remote place.
By loving yourself, and loving each breath,
as a loving dear friend,
you open up to the universal heartbeat of love, as you share
with so many souls! Actually you are never alone, the universal
breath of love, is a pattern, that reaches very far out from your planet!
Loving each breath is the power of love and
is very simple to do, so I say,

Archangel Michael; Ready to go!

Dear friends,
you have walked along a special road.
You, yourself are very special!
You know you are unique,
and you have in your lightworker
mission, walked the most odd roads
to learn, to spread light
where there are little or no light.
It has been no dance on roses!
And yet your heart, that is divine, a long
with all of you, can do no other thing!
It is more than a mission, it is YOU!
YOU ARE LIGHT. And you feel in the
core of all that is you, that you can never
stop this mission. And now there is a new road
appearing, that has never been before!
And what am I talking about?
I am talking about, recognition!
The new road is all about you
recognizing YOU, for now you can
see all the colors, within the light!
In the light, you now can see all the colors of the
rainbow! And each color, is representing all the
brothers and sisters that are light workers too!
You can see more clearly, who they are!
And together with them you build even stronger
light. Now it is time to build, together, with the rays
that ARE light. You will build teams, and work together,
in different constellations. You might have felt alone as being
a lightworker, even though you have met others, and felt them as a
family, and yet, you have felt at times as a ”lone wolf”. And this is actually
for your own education, to observe and learn. Now this new road is all about
interaction! No more lone wolf! You are fully learned now! You will find your lightworker
friends to work together with now, they will appear, more and more clearly.
It is all about peace on earth, and it is all about love on your beloved planet!
So the new road lies before you, and we the archangels, are standing with you
always guiding you on your new path, and we are ready to go together with you,
whenever you are ready!
Always together with Faith, Hope and Love,
blessings to you,
Archangel Michael