Jesus Christ Sananda; When loving each breath, love is all!

Remain in the wonder of love!
I salut you, dear beloved child of Earth,
you are making an impact wherever you go,
in the name of love! The patterns are awaited
and very beautiful! When you breathe, with love,
your breath becomes the holy spirit, and this we see, from far
and very near! When you love each breath you take, that
is when you make the very most, in the name of love,
even if you are alone, in as you think, in a remote place.
By loving yourself, and loving each breath,
as a loving dear friend,
you open up to the universal heartbeat of love, as you share
with so many souls! Actually you are never alone, the universal
breath of love, is a pattern, that reaches very far out from your planet!
Loving each breath is the power of love and
is very simple to do, so I say,


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