Aikido, the way to walk…?!!

I will talk about, AIKIDO, as it is a way of life!
I guess you know a lot of KI already!
Yes ki, is the energy, that flows through you and everything
and is surrounding you at all times.
Then there is, AI, unifying, first yourself, with care
and love, and then you can work together easily with others.
And then there is DO, that is the path that you, then, choose, to
walk, when you have gathered, unified, yourself, and your energy!
It is a process, to work with your inner life, garden, in the first stages,
in finding out, all there is to know about yourself, so you are perfectly
in coherence, with yourself. And it starts with you closing your eyes!
The first steps, to living the Aikido way, is with closed eyes.
You need not see, for now, you will feel, and use other senses.
Your eyes does not always do you so much good. They tell you long stories.
And you are busy doing other things! The path to Aikido, is actually a very interesting
path, because, you will love, each step on the way. You do not only wish to be complete and ready,
fully trained, you need to actually love every step that you take. Every step, is valuable, without the steps, you will not get there…! You will know the AIKIDO way of living, when you also LOVE each step of your life, and you cherish all that is you, then you can start training yourself, without seeing…! The key to your inner garden goes through your heart, and with it you can begin to really open up, and unfold yourself as the beautiful flower you are! So I say Aikido, is a way to walk in life, as there are many ways to walk, many choices, that lies before you. The Aikido way is the true way to walk as you must work with your heart, always!