Hilarion Evidence of Love!

A very long time ago,
a flame of love
was created.
And this flame split into two parts,
in less than a second,
into two souls.
Yin and yang
are two parts that belong together.
And yet, before these two parts
meet again, after eons of times apart,
they encounter many things to learn.
And after, even more time has passed,
they mature, and start to feel that something
is missing in their lives.
They are now beginning to search for each other!
They are almost completing the full circle.
Where they find their twin flame, their soul aspect
they where created together with.
They feel a strong sense of togetherness as they walk
in life, knowing that the other aspect are already there.
The thing about, finding the twin flame is really about
knowing, the special knowing, and the feeling of never being alone.
The door that needs to be opened to find ones twin flame is
the door to yourself, as you two, are ONE.
So there is no finding the twin flame outside of you!
You always find yourself within of you, and so it is, with your twin flame.
Some find their twin flame in third dimension, yes, but first, it is the inner
knowing, that is showing the way!
I am Hilarion
and I love you!