Sananda; Call on me!

Dear beloved friends of Earth
I love you!
I have something to talk about this night.
Everything that goes around comes around…!?!
It will become clear tonight for there are a lot to say!
You have a hand! And on that hand you have five fingers!
For each finger there are very important things for you to recall and remember!
And first before I start telling you about each finger, I have to say, look closely
on your palm and on your fingers for they have unique patterns that no one else has!
So I begin with your first finger.
The first finger says;  give yourself love each day! This finger is also unique and has
great knowledge about love. It is expecting you to take full charge of your life now and start giving yourself unconditional love each day. And your finger, the first one, will of course help you anyway it can! Because this finger absolutely love you!
Now the second finger; This finger is the creative one! It loves humor and loves to express itself! The second finger says to you, please do this too! Explore your creativity, and ask yourself what makes you happy, and makes you warm with love in your heart. The second finger will most definitely help you, and guide you in your wild fantasies of love and joy.
The third finger is a kind of a huligan. It obeys no rules, it goes in the direction that the heart points. The third finger is always obedient to the free will! You can call the third finger
Wild and Free. And the third finger says to you; You are free in your heart, no matter where you are!
And now the fourth finger, this finger is very romantic and can tell you many romantic stories if you would like. It also carries memories of love from your entire life. This finger tells you that you are good enough and that you can always find love around you because you deserve it.
And now the fifth finger! This finger is the smallest finger and yet here is your strongest finger!
In this little finger lies all your Faith, your trust in life, in yourself, and your courage. The smallest finger says to you to always have faith in yourself and that you have an important mission to work with. Each and everyone of you on earth are unique, and have a special place to be, and a special mission to work with. The little finger, says to you that the smallest thing, matter, can be very important, more than you can ever believe..!
So I just need to say; Please call on me!
You can put your dear hands together!
If you like you can say a prayer! All of your fingers make contact!
Your unique fingerprints are light, little light points, that work together.
All your dear fingers become your best friends!
They love you and so do I!
Please call on me from wherever you are,
I feel your prayer,
I feel your heart always.
And just remember your friends, your fingers, that have many special abilities…!


Archangel Gabriel; All is one!

A baby is born, a delightful baby!
A merrier time is coming,
a new season, a spring, in all hearts, a warm beautiful season!
And where is this baby born?!
Where do you think?!
In Africa, or in Australia, or on Iceland
or wherever you might think.
Well the answer my friend is
that the baby is born, within all our hearts!
This infant is like a rose, and all of a sudden
it has started to bloom!
We, the Archangels have been aware of the
rose, and it has been a flower bud for eternities.
It is now we can begin to see its color,
and it is now that we can feel the scent.
We are very happy, and we sing joyful hymns
to celebrate this great miracle.
So my dear child of Earth
please feel the rose in your heart
it is blooming now and it is a long awaited miracle.
Before the Big Bang the seed to the Rose was planted
and now we can´t stop dance and sing
for we have waited a long time.
We can see all your beautiful Roses
in fact your planet looks now like
a rose garden and it feels so good
to all our senses.
Please dear children of Earth
embrace your beauty,
feel your blooming rose within your heart
as you All is One Great Rose Garden.
Yours forever
Archangel Gabriel!

Sananda; I believe in you!

Dear beloved friends I am Sananda
I am here for you always!
Do you think I am perfect?
Do you think I am done with learning about my own path?
I have walked many roads, to be where I am today,
I have felt every feeling.
The universe is evolving and expanding
and so are you!
You are constantly learning new important matters about yourself and your path
in life here on Earth.
No one is perfect!
No matter where you are in your journey, there is always more to learn.
There is no end to learning!
Not even the most popular guru is fully learned!
The keys to walk the path to development, inner knowledge, the Light,
is to be fully compassionate to every step that you take!
You are on a journey.
Your life is a journey!
With an open mind and open heart you can realize that you are indeed travelling.
When you love each breath and when you have faith in each step of your path,
you will surely reach enlightenment!
Please bring JOY.
Don´t forget to feel your joy as you walk!
Let your joy be your travelling companion.
And there are more ingredients that are necessary!
Faith, hope and love of course!
And even more!
Sometimes you feel, that you are just struggeling, and you don´t feel that you move forward?
Well I have also struggeled! And I have felt exactly the same!
Sometimes we stand still for a reason. A very good reason!
It is like an incubating time, a moment in life where you grow,
and there after it is time to move again.
It is a natural part of your journey!
It is a special time for you to develop in,
before you choose direction and there are many paths.
So let there be joy and love each step that you take!
Look into your heart and feel gratitude for each breath that you take!
Through the loving vibration of grace and gratitude doors are being opened.
Sometimes when you think that you are just struggeling,
you have forgotten about having faith in yourself.
You have the keys, but at these moments you can´t see them.
So embrace grace and gratitude and realize that you have what you need
and that is you dear!
I love you and I always walk beside you, no matter if you are standing still or not!
I am Sananda
and I believe in you!

Lord Buddha; 2018 a year of expansion!

Dear beautiful friends
I am Lord Buddha!
You are all very dear to me.
I love you.
When I look at Earth
I see so many beautiful and special flowers.
I see a botanical garden where all the flowers are important,
where miracles can happen, whenever there is faith.
Each and everyone of you are a lovely flower that is also very exotic.
You are exactly where you are supposed to be.
You have your special colors, patterns, rhythms
and you are unique.
This year of 2018 is a year where you grow.
You ARE already YOU, and you are
much awaited as YOU ARE dear!
Please feel your uniqueness and I would like you to take yourself seriously
and also embrace the fact how special you are.
You and your special abilities, are much awaited.
You all have different skills, and you complement each other.
Cooperation and coherence are two very important tools in this new year of 2018.
You need each other and you make each other complete.
And at the same time this year is about just being yourself, and letting yourself grow.
You have worked for eternities, in life after life, to achieve this level as a ray of the sun.
I Lord Buddha, have followed you in your work, to fill the earth with light.
Each ray of the sun have special qualities and are unique, and you hold that light,
every one of you dear beloved lightworkers.
Sometimes I feel your hesitation and you might be thinking something like;
”Do I really have anything to offer other people, animals or earth?!”
Dear friends, many of you have walked in narrow roads and encountered hard resistance, and some of you need to find your faith once again.
YOU are YOU and you have your special mission as a lightworker and loveworker.
No matter who you have met, or in what kind of situations you have been in,
NO ONE can take away the important fact that YOU are YOU!
When I look upon Earth I see you all, and you are so very beautiful and you make her shine in
a wonderful light.
I just want you to have full faith in yourself, so your light will shine even more!
I am always by your side, just call on me and I will assist you!
I am Buddha
I feel your love
and I see your light
I am

Zeus; I love you!

8 January 2018, Channeling with Zeus through Kerstin Eriksson, Zeus; I love you!

The terrain changes as you walk through different landscapes!
You walk on narrow roads and also into deep walleys and up to high mountains.
And sometimes it rains and you can’t get any glimts of the clear blue skye.
And other times there are so much sunlight that you find yourself to be very thirsty.

This is a part of your life, your path, that you walk, where the scenery changes constantly.
Sometimes you carry burdens, of different feelings, and now I say, take it easy, sit down for a while. See your path as a beautiful road, and you have 2 sides to your road. Sit down in the green grass beside your path, and take your time, to smell the flowers that grow there. You have planted them there yourself but you have forgotten about them! Now you put your bagage down, you don’t have to carry all those bags of worries, guilt and more, just for now, take your time to smell the loveliest of flowers for a while.

Give yourself time, to feel joy, to enjoy your own path! Along the way you have planted so many beautiful seeds and they are in full bloom right now. They have the loveliest scent of divine radiance. And they await your presence and your joy.

When you meditate you can always sit in your beautiful garden just by the side of your path, life path, it is there, it is your private paradise. You have it in your heart and it is a living place, you visit it in your dreams!

I am Zeus and I love you dearly
I hold you to my heart always!