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Hello dear friend, I am fixing this new blog, and soon I will ”move in” permanently, and I’m moving all my posts from my old blog 

Hej kära vän och välkommen till min nya blog! Jag kan erbjuda dig helande änglatexter, som är gratis att läsa här i min blogg! Jag kan också erbjuda; Distanshealing, Tarotavläsning, 12 månaders utbildning med mentor Asaguden och Ärkeängeln Thor! Läs nedan för mer detaljer! Kram Kerstin

Distanshealing med Ärkeängel Michael och Faith! 45 min plus skriftlig information 2-3 A4 sidor, om din själsdynamik, änglakommunikation och eventuella andekontakter etc. Pris 450 kr. Swisha på nummer 070-5228381 (Kerstin Eriksson) glöm inte att ange ditt namn! Enbart distanshealing samt återkopplande telefonsamtal, 350 kr.

Själens Feng-Shui Tarot Avläsning; 3-5 A4 sidor. Pris 650 kr. Jag drar kort för dig och du får en skriftlig redovisning som jag mailar dig, den innehåller allt från hur du mår, vad som är viktigt för dig just nu, och framåt. Jag beskriver min avläsning som en själens fengshui, och om hur vissa saker påverkar dig och om hur du själv kan få nya synvinklar på ditt liv och situation! Samma swish här; till nummer 070-5228381 (mitt namn är Kerstin Eriksson) och glöm ej att skriva ditt namn!

Asaguden och Ärkeängeln Thor erbjuder utbildning för Dig i personlig och andlig utveckling, 12 månader, 8.850 kr, inklusive material, bok, healing, mm. Du kan börja när på året som passar dig! Vill du veta mer så ring mig på 070-5228381.


Thank you and come back here soon!
With love 💖

Sananda; Your precious feet, your new Chakra!

The songs of wisdom sings a new song now!
I am Sananda, and I am very old!
There is a big piece of the puzzle that are now revealing itself for you!
Like a missing link, maybe quite easy to understand, and yet very easily overlooked.
Well a long time ago, my beloved used to wash my feet, and she even kissed my feet sometimes. And she is a lady of Earth, my lady in red.
She knew, the importance of the feet.


Well the feet have a chakra that is extremely important to you, if you search for completion as a being of Earth. In a way you probably already knew this.
But what I don’t think you know is that, the rest of the chakras have to interact with the foot chakra so that they can work well, get you in contact with other realms and more.
Your precious feet are waiting for you to make first contact!
Many of you don’t realise how important your feet actually are!
It is the missing link, and now it is time to awaken to this reality!
They carry you, they want to give you more contact with your beloved Earth, your Mother!
Listen to me and I will guide you!
I love you, Sananda

Saturday, 14 July 2018
©️ Kerstin Eriksson – Archangel Faith

Yellow Feather Embracing You

Once I was a leader.
I believe in peace!
The land was with no borders.
The hearts were willing to embrace the consept of charing.
Mutual understanding was the path to make living side by side possible. We are all the children of the great Mother and when we know that in our hearts there will be many good paths opening up.
Do not forget about the good that is within of you, and has always been there. Turn to the goodness within your heart and ask it to step forth. It will show you the way, to true peace within you as well as outside of you! Your true strength come not from muscles, it come from your heart.

Now the time has come for you to find that you actually have wings and can fly with the great Eagle. The key to feeling your wings is through your heart! Come fly with me now over peaceful land and I will help and guide you!

Yellow Feather

Saturday, 7 July 2018
©️ Kerstin Eriksson – Archangel Faith

Enlil; Second wind!

I am Enlil, I am very old and the most important thing, is not me, it is you! The older I get, the more I can see how important it is for you to understand how it all works! You are a great part of the Universe, even if you don’t see it, now.

Everyone of you that live on Terra have connections out in space as you say sometimes. And yet space are a place where your ancestors live. All of you have different relatives ”out there” and they are connected with you! They know very much about you and they are thrilled to get to know you more!

And the surprise that is just around the corner is all about the second wind! If you have felt a certain loss of energy lately it will very soon turn to your favour! All of your efforts will give you a positive result, finally! Sometimes you have almost lost faith in what you do, because nothing seemed to make a difference. And now it is coming to you, the second wind will get you to where you are supposed to be!
Everything you have done matters a lot, not one single thing is a waste of your time, ever! Let go of your fears, the more you will feel the second wind in full action!

I love you, Enlil

Sunday, 1 July 2018
©️ Kerstin Eriksson – Archangel Faith