Archangel Gabriel; Lay your hands in mine!

(A channeling from Archangel Gabriel through Kerstin Eriksson, and also on

Lay your hands in mine!
And I will gladly guide you thoroughly.
I am Archangel Gabriel and I am here by your side, at all times!
Let me take care of your troubles, I am here to aid you, whenever you need.
You don´t have to carry everything, on your own, you are never alone.
I am here tonight to make you prepared to feel in your heart, that you can always call on me, I await your calling my dear beloved.
No you are not lazy, in any way, and no you are not careless, if you pray for my assistance.
It is my job to aid you, and it is your birthright to call on me!
Life is not always so easy, and many times you struggle on your own, and you feel very alone.
I am here despite the loneliness you experience.
Some of you dear children of earth feel you are not strong enough, and you walk on your lifepath with the feeling of loneliness and you are so miserable that you forget to call on me.
Even if you are strong when you look upon all your muscles, and you can feel their strength, it is not at this moment you truly experience true strength.
Instead true strength comes from when you can rise up, feeling and admitting your weaknesses, and it comes from the depth of your heart. True strength comes from letting yourself breath with God and allow yourself to be guided by us the angels of God. When you trust in us, you can close your eyes, and let us guide you, letting us be your eyes and heart, so lay all your troubles on me, on us, we love you!
Please have faith in me,
Archangel Gabriel